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  1. Badcam3

    discussion What are you doing right now?

    Yes he is. Retract your statement, @RyouBakura
  2. Badcam3

    Sega Swirl

    Try this https://ps4.cloud/dl/u001o This will work on GDEMU and has sega swirl
  3. Badcam3

    All Star Pro Wrestling 3 - NTSC-JP

    Check here and see if you need to change any settings so it works properly https://wiki.pcsx2.net/All_Star_Pro-Wrestling_III
  4. Badcam3

    All Star Pro Wrestling 3 - NTSC-JP

    Try again. I fixed the link for ya.
  5. Badcam3

    mega.nz PlayStation BIOS Mega Thread

    @Byokugen rumor has it that you are amazing 👀
  6. Badcam3

    game Counting down from 10,000!

  7. Badcam3

    Fraps 3.5.9 Registered

    @ElTacoDestroyer It's a false positive. Google Drive is basing that off of Clam AV. The File is digitally signed and I added a second site for verification of what exactly happens when you run the program as well as rar'ed the file and added a password so google can't scan it with a false positive again. It's all clean Check the main post for added hybrid analysis results link and new download link.
  8. Badcam3

    master list PSP Megathread [21.07.2018]

    @Icyhot it shouldn't. The Yukiko mega thread is having issues i think. I get the same error.
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