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    @ElTacoDestroyer It's a false positive. Google Drive is basing that off of Clam AV. The File is digitally signed and I added a second site for verification of what exactly happens when you run the program as well as rar'ed the file and added a password so google can't scan it with a false positive again. It's all clean Check the main post for added hybrid analysis results link and new download link.
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    master list PSP Megathread [21.07.2018]

    @Icyhot it shouldn't. The Yukiko mega thread is having issues i think. I get the same error.
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    gdrive WinRAR - (5.80) (Beta 4) (x64) (x86)

    Updated to latest version and new host @RyouBakura
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    gdrive Revo Uninstaller Pro - (v4.1.5 )

    @RyouBakura updated and new host
  5. @RyouBakura new host and re-uploaded with 2020 version.
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    humour Famous NGR quotes

  11. That's right, like so many great games before it, The Outer Worlds will have a home on the Nintendo Switch. Obsidian announced it's working with Virtuos - the developer which helped bring the likes of Dark Souls and L.A. Noire to the Switch - to assist with the port of The Outer Worlds. Without any Fallout games lined up for the Switch, it looks like The Outer Worlds is still looking to "fill the void" left by the Fallout series. It doesn't have a set release date for the Switch just yet, but we do know its launch will be at some point after that of the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions on 25th October. SOURCE
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