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About Me

I don't really like talking abort my self soo here the list of my consoles I use for testing :KannaWave:

Nintendo Game Boy DMG-01 with a Everdrive GB V1 (29.1.2015)
Nintendo Game Boy Color CGB-001 with the same Everdrive GB
Nintendo DS lite USG-001 with a R4i 3DS RTS no idea on the version
Nintendo DSi XL UTL-001(AUS) Running TWiLight Menu++ Ver 6.5.0
Sony PSP-1002 (I dont use this one much mainly for hacking xboxs but as soon as i find the charger ill tell you what CFW is on it)
Sony PSP-3002 Running 6.61 PRO-C∞ CFW and most of the time using the M33 UMD ISO mode driver thingy unless the test calls for something different
Sony PS Vita Running OFW 3.65 (it was running  3.65 Henkaku Enso but I done goofed and now it's OFW just though id add it as I have tested with it befoul)

Sony PlayStation SCPH-9002 with a 3 wire old crow mod chip (i have been meaning to upgrading this but never got around to it)
Microsoft Xbox 1.6 mod chipped with a kinda ok Aladdin chip running EvoX BIOS
Microsoft Xbox Debug Kit 1.0 Running XDK launcher 1.00.5849.1 (link to it on assembler games)
Sony PlayStation 3 CECHL02 Running ReBug 4.82 with cobra 7.55 and webMAN 1.45.09 

And that moment where this isn't even all the consoles I own, this is just the ones that I use for testing :KannaSpooky:


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