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  1. BxThorne

    Snes 2005+ core: Retroarch questions

    ww this is a fairly easy question. alrite, in the retroarch menu, the 1st one, if yu g all the way down to the last option it will say "quit retroarch" . to save and load states you have to open the rom/game first, then an additional menu will appear in the retroarch menus to the right. just scroll down and you will see it
  2. [glow=orange]Top 10[/glow][glow=blue]Sonic[/glow][glow=orange]Rom Hacks For MegaDrive[/glow] and more.. these are just the best ones to me ENJOYY [Hidden Content] [glow=red]An Ordinary Sonic[/glow] [attachment=2]6BABE26D-8BAA-434D-B5A1-326DFBAFEB78.jpg[/attachment] [glow=black]Sonic Bash[/glow] (good multilayer) [attachment=1]maxresdefault (3).jpg[/attachment] [glow=orange]Sonic Scorched Quest[/glow] [attachment=0]mqdefault.jpg[/attachment] and many morreee i think its like 16 games in total
  3. BxThorne

    Fusortia's VitaShell Custom Themes

    these are Nice mann thx
  4. GLADIATOR BEGINS This was one of the best games on the psp which came from a ps2 game Probally my fave ENJOYYY [hidden]https://mega.nz/#!jcMiUJoD!ybV129NrK1ilqLD_5qYjlx6axcxO9ZVJZOBG0If8f1U[/hidden] [attachment=2]Gladiator_Begins_US_Cover.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=1]gfs_172666_2_10.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=0]gfs_172666_2_14.jpg[/attachment] *this game is also alrdy in cso format (w/Y.A.A.C.)
  5. BxThorne

    PSX RIPs [TNW] Best Titles Only!!

    oh crap ! Lol i didn't kno anyone cared for it. ive been trying to rip the videos and music out of the games themselves like tomb raider chronicles but its not as simple as i thought. iL get it soon...
  6. BxThorne

    mega.nz Ape Escape: Saru Get Chu! P! (v2)

    DAM IT!! UR RITE! i knew something was up because i had this game before and i was just a little confused loL. im switching the link to the correct game now... woW sry about that guys. this games smaller than the 1st one too
  7. yes you can delete the update file afterwards
  8. BxThorne

    Hello VP Family !!!!

    yw . wouldn't it be a great idea to invest in a 64gb now since piracy is available on the vita? its $80 at playasia.com . i bought mine twice because i lost the 1st one. its not that expensive when you think about. and welcome aboard
  9. BxThorne

    VPK Editor 1.1

    VPK Editor v1.1 by Qberty VPKEditor 1.1, give your homebrew LiveAreas the makeover you want by Typhoon_Neon Not all of the useful homebrew releases come in the form on native files that you can run on your console. Sometimes they come in the form of tools you can use on your computer to help you with the stuff you do on your console - QCMA being one of the prime examples in this category. This time however, I am here to tell you guys of a new tool called VPKEditor by developer qberty. This tool has a simple purpose: to let you edit the look of the LiveArea background and icon of any vpk fi
  10. found them - https://mega.nz/#!XIFwGLzZ!mQmi4KyhKO6I ... _35BfdPAPc Included are; ZEROVSHPATCHER v0.4(for 6.61); 6.61 MODULES(/RCOs/PLUGINS from 6.61) And the UNIVERSAL CXMB for 6.61. everyone let us know what worked for you and what didn't If you don't know what this is google it [attachment=0]CapturaCXMBMod371a661ClassicInfinity.jpg[/attachment] Detailed tutorial coming soon *Note: In order to get the cxmb plugin working with out freezing your vita youL have to go to the recovery menu and disable 'skip sony logo' then restart your vsh
  11. BxThorne

    Hoard 58mb

    HOARD The original size of the Iso is 226mb. I used Y.A.C.C. to shrink it down to a 58mb Cso ENJOYYY [hidden]https://mega.nz/#!uct3HYba!C0k_ze8mlqTIIWKx4GTtKPyYyfmN_lWM84PP-oD3j1Y[/hidden] [attachment=2]download.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=1]HOARD_04.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=0]hoard_1300829674.jpg[/attachment]
  12. BxThorne

    OMG-Z 34mb

    [glow=red]OMG-Z[/glow] *The original Iso size of this game is 188mb. I used Y.A.C.C. to get it down to 34mb!! ENJOYYY [hidden]https://mega.nz/#!OJkmQBbA!srZIM0JTWSzm-vZX12QC3lY0Wg6r2feEcygWnNPSTlU[/hidden] [attachment=2]OMG-Z-Coverart.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=1]0171743b3aa50eced8297415ead9fe9f.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=0]a03faf1a1a0562ebf126bfc46f041c4781a90c51.jpg[/attachment]
  13. BxThorne

    Half Minute Hero 121mb

    [glow=red]Half Minute Hero[/glow] The original Iso size of the game is 221mb. I used Y.A.C.C. to get it down to a 121mb Cso CHEERZ [hidden]https://mega.nz/#!TJEQCQYT!7lU9x7Zf2695vboHb3aZTHN0C2r4Un_Yu_DRne_z1Rs[/hidden] [attachment=2]halfminute_hero_esrb.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=1]490283-half-minute-hero-psp-screenshot-i-got-some-new-equipment-and.png[/attachment] [attachment=0]download.jpg[/attachment]
  14. EVERY EXTEND EXTRA The original Iso size of the game is 377mb. I used Y.A.C.C. to get it down to a 255mb Cso ENJOYYY Im going to try and delete the lumines 2 demo included so i can get this game smaller
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