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  1. Hey @Gamerone I've got it working just fine on my PS2 via smb. Only one caveat, almost all the emulators work except for SNES. It boots up fine its just that the roms don't show up. Is there a way to load them?
  2. Thanks for the upload Gamerone!
  3. Aktulu

    gdrive WinRAR - (5.80) (Beta 4) (x64) (x86)

    Woohoo, thanks Badcam3!
  4. Great tut! Will check it out later on, thanks Badcam3!
  5. Hey fellas, Aktulu here. Joined around 2016 and haven't been active since, hopefully going to change that. Avid reader, gamer. Nintendo fan, Super Mario World is def my favorite Mario game. Finally finished Mario Odyssey last month, all moons/captures etc.
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