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  1. No, he never updated his cheats. There are updated ones on GBATemp.
  2. You can simply search money. You don't need a cheat for it. It's a basic value and can be found in a few seconds. I never tried EXP or level, but I assume doing a fuzzy scan will find the EXP easily enough.
  3. Clearly, but that was just released yesterday. So it wasn't an option until now. Either way, z03 worked perfectly fine with this game.
  4. No just use savemgr. Works infinitely better than Rincheat. Rincheat is basically completely invalidated at this point. It no longer works on the latest firmware and there are other programs that do everything better. It was a good start when there was nothing else, but really no reason to use it anymore.
  5. Yes and no. I don't think rincheat works, but Vitacheat does. Which is basically rincheat, but better in every way. So I would download vitacheat beta 03 to use on 3.65.
  6. Use the search. There is a cheat engine table posted. Just transfer your save to PC, use the table and transfer back. There aren't any on-system cheats right now.
  7. The game doesn't have static addresses. It changes every time you restart the game. I don't have any cheats to provide that would work for you, you have to search them yourself and then again every time you start the game back up. Money is easy and you only really have to do once. Just search your amount, spend/gain and search the new amount. For HP, I believe it was a float value. Just search your current HP, get hurt/heal, then search the new value. Same as money. Try Dec and Float and if you still can't find it, switch the bytes. If I have time later I'll boot up the game and try
  8. NumberXero

    (Request) cheats for atelier sophie or firis

    I don't have the cheats, but a user manual is posted here. It should give you a basic idea of how the program works: https://gbatemp.net/threads/vitacheat-finalcheat-database.485343/
  9. This game is difficult. All I've really managed to do was give myself money and lock my HP in place. That's it. I've been struggling to get skill points forking for weeks, but no luck yet. Everything I change just reverts back. The game has some sort of weird system in place it seems. There aren't any cheats floating around, unless you count the old maidump eboot hacks from speedly.
  10. NumberXero

    Requesting cheats of omega labyrinth z PCSH10044

    I'm pretty sure there are a bunch hanging around already, but I'll do a quick one. 1. Open the cheat menu with L + Right 2. Go to "Go Search" 3. Change the second Range to something like 0x8C000000, that usually works for me. 4. Under value, put the amount of money you currently have. For example "1000" 5. Press "First Search" 6. After it finishes the search, go change your money somehow. Get more, buy an item etc. Lets say you have "900" now. 7. Put 900 in the value and press "Search Again" 8. Repeat steps 6-7 until the results stop going any lower.
  11. NumberXero

    Requesting cheats of omega labyrinth z PCSH10044

    I don't have either of the games you requested, and this is towards both. Money is usually the easiest thing to find in any game. Simply search for the value you have, spend some/gain some, search for the new value and repeat. It shouldn't take more than 60 seconds usually. It would be much faster to do that than wait for someone to make a cheat that might not even work due to dynamic pointers.
  12. It seems like these cheats literally only work with Tama, Sylph, Chocochick and two other mirages. Even when putting them in the case and taking 5 new ones out, the level doesn't raise and they don't gain SP. That's a shame, I didn't think the cheats were only usable once =(
  13. Nevermind, the cheats were posted elsewhere for the latest version. I don't need an update anymore, thanks though.
  14. Yeah, I didn't notice that the game downloaded an update and launched it before deleting it. Now the cheats are broken. It might be a tall order, but any chance for an update? The grind in this game is just too much.
  15. NumberXero

    [REQ] Various 3.61+ Games

    Yeah, unfortunately you have to add a line every time you add a new game. But worth it to be able to use the plugin at all. Hopefully the 3.65 updated version comes soon and avoids the extra steps.
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