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  1. You know if there is any way to dump dlc from the downloads list from the psn that are already downloaded in the ps4 ready to install?
  2. You'rr right. The theme was installed. The dlc of the games far cry 4 and fairy fencer F I could take them. But in the games tokyo xanadu ex and star ocean the dlc in mnt/sandbox/ pfsmnt / they did not appear and I followed the same steps
  3. I try with 4 games and only 2 let me take the dlc and the theme official of FFX when I try to install in other ps4 make an error CE-35668-8
  4. This game voices, are they english or japanese?
  5. LeonToralla

    [REQUEST] [PCSH00261] Digimon World Next Order - [MAI]

    Ok, I'll try, thanks you
  6. LeonToralla

    [REQUEST] [PCSH00261] Digimon World Next Order - [MAI]

    yeah but then I don't need to import the save data using rincheat?
  7. LeonToralla

    [REQUEST] [PCSH00261] Digimon World Next Order - [MAI]

    oh ok but, rincheat works in 3.65?
  8. any for Digimon World Next Order PCSH00261 for Mai? possible infinite money ? thank you a greeting
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