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  1. request this since no paystation not update for 2 month
  2. mamatkhaled14

    Trophy Unlocker 3.65 +

    @touya no problem .. already found Silica and Pina on bitbucket release version and intruction all there👍
  3. mamatkhaled14

    New Persona Dancing Games NoNpDrm format

    NPS got both of game and DLC Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night Persona 5 Dancing Star Night Both of it in Japanese and require firmware 3.67 to play *already pm u
  4. Freedom Wars [psvita] Gundam Breaker 3 [psvita] Root Double [psvita]
  5. mamatkhaled14

    Trophy Unlocker 3.65 +

    SilicaAndPina github page not found.. where can i check their release version?
  6. mamatkhaled14

    Neon Rift 1.92+

    nice . thanks
  7. mamatkhaled14

    [Help] need Cheat sofware , plugin, tool etc..for ps3 cfw

    @jezzymods @LuzianoZOMBI3 thank you very much for help ill use artemis for now because its easier and simple. thanks again.
  8. mamatkhaled14


    i use persona 4 golden save editor for cheating
  9. mamatkhaled14

    Need God Eater 2 Rage Burst EUR PCSB00875 (MAI)

    if u use nonpdrm version , u could use @noelxleon code in earlier post . its work both us and eu.
  10. Hello everyone . i just recently hacked my ps3 with recently release ps3 exploit . so im noob to ps3 cfw scene . I need help regarding cheat for ps3 cfw . i already google about it , the more i find the more confuse i get . Artemis , netcheat , ccapi , bsd , eboot.bin , pkg and many more. some of that require CEX or DEX ps3 too work , that make me more confuse. what are the best cheat tool that works with ps3 cfw ?. my ps3 cfw is Rebug 4.81.2 by Thibobo base on tutorial section . thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english .
  11. mamatkhaled14

    PCSG00838 Utawarerumono Mask Of Truth

    1st batlle exp works on all battle u encounter , just turn the code on before the battle end . if want to fast level up change the hex value to 270F or higher . here the code for the bp part. Only unit participate in battle earn BP. swap other character in the next battle for BP . same as exp code turn this code on before battle end. _V0 After Battle BP $0200 82287D0C 00000270F
  12. mamatkhaled14

    nonpdrm God Eater 2 Rage Burst PCSE00789

    @noelxleon address offset does not change... all material stuff code will be nice tho, we can craft best weapon early
  13. mamatkhaled14

    nonpdrm God Eater 2 Rage Burst PCSE00789

    thanks ..code works for me.. mine eur version tho just a note to anyone who want to spam bullet that cost more op just change the value .
  14. mamatkhaled14

    nonpdrm Mortal Kombat PCSE00023

    @jia19 ehh..what?
  15. mamatkhaled14

    mai Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana PCSG00881

    @jia19 sorry i cant make video..and i do not know how to find hp bar for this game (ys8) . only str and def stats i manage to find thanks to noelxleon code . now noelxleon update the code for psvita. go check it out. @noelxleon now your codes works great for me. no need for me to search stats code manually anymore( it pain in the neck ). thanks a lot and i hope u keep sharing your code
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