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  1. Massive thanks to @anotherswitchanon for reuploading the undub! Happy holidays and sorry for the bother, everyone.
  2. swosho

    gdrive Nightshade UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    @vergil2012 Wouldn't have any other Santa! Huge thanks! @AD5 The link is back up, now's your time.
  3. Thanks for checking. Oh well, undubbing the Nightshade from scratch is not much of a big deal but treating the Tokobot took me about a week worth of free time, so down to Dead Links it goes. Edit: Spoke toon! Found a way to actually inject back the edited audio, the fully compromise-free undub will come in a day or three. Revenge of the Edit 2: The current undub is going to stay after all, most of the edits sound broken in-game.
  4. swosho

    gdrive Nightshade UNDUB [NTSC-U]

  5. @zarusama Come on, the simplified control scheme is not that bad. AE2's dual TOC files are a huge pain to deal with, I shelved that undub indefinitely but will try to come up with a solution by the end of the year. Edit: Ok, figured out the TOC files, only the soundbank headers left to edit but they're pointlessly crazy complex.
  6. @zarusama I don't think so, I haven't spent enough time figuring out a proper way of swapping the XA audio to begin undubbing the PS1 stuff. Besides that, IIRC the PS1 original doesn't have the subtitles.
  7. Update: Fixed the cutscene where Silverneil breaks down crying.
  8. This game also received a translation patch not too long ago: https://jerutz.wordpress.com/index-psp/
  9. @AnnyMay Yes, but actually no. I've seen people on RHDN discussing the feasibility of hacked-in soft subs for several games, but such feats can be pulled off only by the ASM sages. Gotta up your weeb level, most RPGs have no battle audio subs.
  10. Final update: Proper undub, bby! Sorry for taking so long to iron out all of the issues, and sorry for posting the half-baked undub in the first place. Every game in the series is playable with Japanese audio now, as it should've been from the start.
  11. DL (360 MB): [Hidden Content] I only replaced the opening video's audio track, the rest of the files are copy-pasted straight from the Japanese version without any modifications. *Most of the voice acting was cut in the western release of the game, this is not a restoration patch. It should also work fine with the European release – simply rename the PCSE00066 directory to PCSB00109.
  12. DL (670 MB): [Hidden Content] It should also work fine with the European release – simply rename the PCSE00244 directory to PCSB00432. Let me know if you've encountered any glitches or crashes related to this undub.
  13. @vergil2012 Alright, I'll check it out thoroughly then. Will attempt to make a proper undub if there's a need for that. Edit: Okay, there's plenty of English leftovers alright. I'll dig in after I'll offload some other stuff, though this undub is not high on the list still, since I've already made a proper undub for the (vastly superior) Wii version.
  14. @ElTacoDestroyer Man, I regret selling anything vidya-related now. Could've gone on a nostalgia trip with the Monkey Hero but the damn game works properly pretty much only on the PS1.
  15. Update 2020-12-12: Completely uncompromised now, all of the Japanese voice clips are in. Title ID: SLUS21471 Size: 959 MB / 605 MB archived [Hidden Content] Notes: ※ 12 voice clips had to be left mute, at least 3 of which are actually unused. ※ There is a single instance of a character delivering another character's lines (near the beginning of the game). Likely a localisation goof. ※ I took the liberty to un-invert the 3rd-person camera controls. Apply this patch if you'd like to revert that change. If you're playing in widescreen and/or using cheats on PCSX2,
  16. swosho

    gdrive Ape Escape 3 UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    @fanofJRPGS Still poking it. There are two table/index files that need to be recalculated with the imported files in mind for the game to even boot, I might not be able to accomplish that, tbh. Really want to see it undubbed to finish the trilogy. After I'm done undubbing the Tokobot Plus, I'll ask around if someone could make sense of that issue.
  17. Update 2019-12-26: Restored the title screen song and squashed the remaining English sfx voice clips. Title ID: SCUS97501 Size: 2.2 GB / 1.5 GB archived [Hidden Content] 100% undubbed. The videos are soft subbed.
  18. Title ID: SLUS21779 Size: 2.9 GB / 1.5 GB archived [Hidden Content] FMV quality was severely worsened by my poor decoding & encoding job, be mentally prepared for that. Will properly re-typeset the whole thing on occasion if I'll ever discover a better way to decode those IPU videos.
  19. Update 2020-09-11: Fixed the crashes and undubbed the rest of the voice clips. Title ID: UCES00045 Size: 287 MB [Hidden Content] 98% file swaps, 1% file edits & 1% eboot edits = 100% undubbed, bby! If you'd like to play the undubbed North American version instead – apply this xdelta patch (56 MB) to the undubbed European cso. North American version has one extra voice clip + it also has the 60 FPS code available, while the European version is multi-language and has Casi's Data – a pointless small collection of quotes, etc.
  20. @Sleepingdragon55 You're welcome! Although absolutely no effort were put into this undub (at least in its current state), these files are straight from the Japanese version of the game – no modification required. I tried to edit the SFX audio banks, but there's no way to reimport 2/3 of them currently. Incidentally, we may see the Way of the Samurai 2 undubbed soon™. Going through it really slowly manually, mostly due to procrastination and personal inability to make an automated script.
  21. Update 2019-11-28: Fixed the cutscene where Silverneil breaks down crying. Title ID: ULUS10593 Size: 1.19 GB [Hidden Content] An addendum to the undub/restoration job by somebody special. The only thing that undub lacked is the FMV subtitles – this is an attempt at fixing that. Thanks to @HMG for requesting to sub this game. As it was the case with Hexyz Force, these subtitles are based on the English videos' script, while the translated opening was snatched from cj iwakura. The second opening along with the credits roll song were both left not subtitled. If yo
  22. Title ID: UCES00421 Size: 211 MB [Hidden Content] On a side note, the game is compatible with the 60 FPS code (the only issue it has is the shortened status effects duration) and GePatch.
  23. Update: Japanese audio in all of the cutscenes. Forgot to include the StreamPackEventBGM.dat previously, sorry about that. Though the English sfx are still left over as before. The game won't play back neither the vanilla Japanese nor hex-edited nsp audio banks no matter what, unfortunately. What's bizarre is that it's likely (judging by the header) due to the sample rate differences between the sfx audio in Japanese and western versions of the game. It is what it is for now, I hope I'll figure something out for this eventually.
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