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  1. @ElTacoDestroyer Good old UMDGen still works fine for building the ISOs from scratch, swapping/adding/removing a couple of files, manipulating the LBA, relinking, etc. If there's a need to edit the executable, DecEboot and sign_np will got you covered with decryption and encryption. There's pretty long chain of tools and steps for getting the pmf videos done though, I'll describe the process in detail if that's what you're after. Sorry for the super late reply.
  2. @Pocovid Okay, I think I have an idea now what causes the post-credits crash, though the clown's audio so far seems to be the same between the versions. I'll scour the executable for the clown's strings just in case a little bit later, right after I post the other undub that's almost finished now. Massive thanks for testing it out, and sorry for the trouble.
  3. @Pocovid It's always the European version, innit? Right, I think I fixed everything this time around but I only have the the cleared North American save, so please test out this cso if you can: temporary link Thanks for the feedback! Ofc the English voices have manifested there because of the save state.
  4. @koken My bad, back then I should've properly compared how the sfx voice clips sound between the versions. Basically, the game has a table somewhere with the pointers instead of utilising the sound bank's internal VAG headers, so it's reading the sounds at a slightly offset coordinates. I thought I found the table in the executable and swapped it for the Japanese one but that made no difference for some reason, guess there must be another one somewhere. Thanks for reporting the issue. I'll try fix it in a day or two but the current link must be nuked for the time being. Sorry for the trou
  5. swosho

    Drakengard 2 perfect undub

    Case closed. There were infinitely more issues than mentioned in the OP but it turned out splendidly in the end.
  6. Title ID: SLUS20732 Size: 3.3 GB / 2.1 GB archived [Hidden Content] 3000 years of hex-editing hell have paid off nicely — here's a complete and issue-free undub to supersede yet another one of Netqork's half-assed broken releases. A few mistimed subtitle lines in FMVs are the only flaws detracting from an otherwise perfect presentation. Requested by @Cachovid
  7. @Mako Reizei You probably know the answer by now but yeah, of course it works.
  8. Finally added the save editing instructions and nuked the old NGS1P undub.
  9. swosho

    gdrive Nightshade UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    @VahnFannel Thanks for the feedback! I mounted the ISO in Windows 10 natively by simply opening it in Explorer (to unmount: right click on the virtual drive -> Eject), the game booted that way on my PC.
  10. swosho

    gdrive Maken X UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    @zarusama Ah, should've mention I wasn't expecting it to work if converted into CDI and burned on a CD, some tracks on this image are "misaligned" a bit. Pretty sure the decompressed GDI should play okay via any ODE available though.
  11. swosho

    gdrive Maken X UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    @zarusama Much appreciate it! I had to make the cue file manually and it took a few tries before the game started booting without an issue, still curious if the Dreamcast ODE solutions would not reject the image.
  12. Update 2020-12-01: Resolved the audio issues in the psi/image cutscenes. Title ID: MK-51050 Size: 496 MB CHD / 1.1 GB GDI [Hidden Content] Another simple file swap & the audio table switcheroo. Confirmed to be working on an actual hardware.
  13. Title ID: SLES53481 (En, Fr, De, Es, It) Size: 2.2 GB / 1.4 GB archived [Hidden Content] Supports both PAL 50Hz & NTSC 60Hz. Albeit on a short side, this game has one of the most slapin' soundtracks I've heard. Notes: ※ The western version of the game has some of the voice clips removed, I wasn't been able to restore them. ※ The camera controls were un-inverted. If you're playing in widescreen and/or using cheats on PCSX2, be sure to rename your pnaches to reflect the modified executable's new checksum: "EF97EC8F.pnach" -> "9FFB0EFF.pach". A
  14. swosho

    gdrive Nightshade UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    @geeseex I went and de-bloated the ISO by nuking the padding data on it, this can potentially negatively affect the loading times if played off a burned DVD, but the game should work perfectly fine otherwise. Sorry for the late reply.
  15. swosho

    gdrive Nightshade UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    @geeseex Sure thing, it works fine on an actual PS2 via OPL. I don't recommend burning the game to a disc you're planning to go that route.
  16. @SoflykoWolf It's a compressed ISO, works the same way as a regular ISO. Despite the compression, on the Vita and PPSSPP it runs just as fast as an uncompressed image, although on an actual PSP there is some negligible read speed difference between CSO and ISO.
  17. swosho

    (Request) Nights of azure Vita eng patch

    The most up-to-date one
  18. Update 2021-04-19: PAL begone + now works on PS3. Title ID: SLUS20928 Size: 1 GB / 618 MB archived [Hidden Content]
  19. Title ID: SLUS21344 Size: 2.93 GB / 1.66 GB archived [Hidden Content] Made from scratch, 100% undubbed. Unfortunately, the Japanese lip-sync data wasn't restored. There's no other action-adventure game quite like this one, give it a try if you haven't yet.
  20. Update: Toned down the outline thickness to match the Growlanser IV hardsub and corrected some mistakes I've been meaning to fix for quite some time. It's all very minor stuff, like a missed comma, "judgement" is now "judgment" (the game is in American English), a single typo and a case of awkward wording.
  21. swosho

    gdrive Nightshade UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    You're right. Somehow, that's the only way to boot the game on PCSX2. Works fine on a real hardware though. If you still have an unmodified Nightshade iso on hand, try grabbing a slus_208.10 file from it and sticking it into the undub iso. PCSX2 can be picky about pre-patched elf executables.
  22. swosho

    gdrive Nightshade UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    @AD5 Simply load up the undub iso on PCSX2 (CDVD -> ISO selector, then System -> Boot ISO) or run the thing via OPL on a softmodded PS2. The game should also be compatible with PS3/PS4's native PS2 emulators.
  23. swosho

    gdrive Ape Escape 3 UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    Update: 110% undubbed now. Restored the Japanese title screen song and undubbed the Specter's sfx voice clips. Thanks to @zarusama for pointing out the song's omission!
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