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  1. Title ID: SLUS20694 Size: 2.14 GB / 1.4 GB archived [Hidden Content] Undubbed completely. In comparison with another undub out there in the wild, this one features fully restored Japanese voice clips, subtitled intro FMV, adjusted cutscene audio length to prevent crashes after some cutscenes, a full-length "bike key" FMV + its "costumed" variations are now undubbed. Notes: ※ The Japanese version uses more sfx voice clips in several audio banks, so those extras didn't make it into this undub. ※ A handful of the non-cutscene voice clips had to be either slightly dow
  2. Title ID: SLUS20347 Size: 3 GB / 1.96 GB archived [Hidden Content] Midway has kept most of the Japanese combat voice clips in the localised versions of the game, this undub addresses the scant remaining English audio and FMV cutscenes. Long-requested by @zarusama If you're curious about the subs:
  3. @Kowal Yup, the gore toggle is available from the get-go in the North American versions, so you don't really need to bother with save edits to change that setting.
  4. @rxzero0079 Sorry, the original Yakuza is beyond my very limited abilities. And besides, someone else is already working on it.
  5. Title ID: SLUS20393 Size: 3.72 GB / 2.31 GB archived [Hidden Content] Undubbed completely, FMVs are hardsubbed. Notes: ※ The subs are timed to the English voice track and they're often not too faithful to the original Japanese script. ※ The Japanese lip-sync wasn't carried over. ※ The Japanese version uses more sfx voice clips across the board, so those extras didn't make it into this undub. ※ A handful of the non-cutscene voice clips had to be either slightly downsampled or had their silent parts at the end trimmed. If you're playing in widescreen (pls d
  6. Title ID: SLUS20710 Size: 1.27 GB / 620 MB archived [Hidden Content] 100% undubbed, the subs are still timed to the English voice track. This one had the most unfortunate hardcoded TOC I've seen so far. If you're playing in widescreen and/or using cheats on PCSX2, be sure to rename your pnaches to reflect the modified executable's new checksum: "CE7451A4.pnach" -> "CE4BD6DC.pach".
  7. Wow, I though it would be less substantial than it is, like a standard Net Yarouze doujin kind of thing.
  8. Update: FMVs now won't lock the game if played on an actual hardware, also corrected a couple of typos on this occasion. I messed up by using the PSMF0015-type headers for the custom videos originally.
  9. swosho

    Front Mission 2 Ultimate Hits (SLPM-87397)

    @CrayonMechant 100% sure, and the Ultimate Hits SLPM-87397 release has SLPM-87331 as its actual ID internally (which is Front Mission History disc 2), the same version is also up on PSN.
  10. swosho

    Front Mission 2 Ultimate Hits (SLPM-87397)

    To clear up the confusion: Ultimate Hits = History Edition. Same title IDs, same checksums/hashes.
  11. swosho

    gdrive Maken X UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    @bad_boy_bailey IIRC you may need to rename the .gdi file to "disc.gdi", open it with a text editor and change the track names to "track01.bin", "track02.raw", etc., and also rename the track files accordingly. If it's possible to make an oversized CDI to avoid any data loss, then converting the game into that format might be a valid workaround, too.
  12. Update: Remade from scratch with custom audio. All of the Japanese voice clips are in and match the subs.
  13. DL (480 MB): [Hidden Content] ...Yeah. Anyway, it's a simple and perfect copy-and-paste undub.
  14. Title ID: SLUS20962 Size: 475 MB / 347 MB archived [Hidden Content] The usual file swap + the audio table import business. Fixing the overly literal and at times dumbed down translation is beyond the scope of this mod, though it actually becomes quite comprehensible if paired with the Japanese dub.
  15. Update 2020-12-26: Fixed the FMV playback on PSP/Vita + corrected a couple of typos. Title ID: ULUS10492 Size: 404 MB [Hidden Content] An addendum to another undub made by somebody special, adding the hardsubbed FMVs and resolving several stray English voice clips to complete the package. If you're curious about the subs:
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