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    [HELP] When should I run Henkaku?

    As far as I know, I need to go to henkaku.xyz and install henkaku everytime I boot up my vita so that I can install game backups. Is it compulsory to install henkaku everytime my vita reboots? OR do I just need to install henkaku whenever I want to install new game backups? For example, I reboot my vita and launch installed game without installing henkaku first. Is it okay?
  2. I'm planning to own a vita with 3.60 firmware next week. I will get in touch with Henkaku and Adrenaline soon. AFAIK firmware spoofing is no longer working and a legit psp base game from PSN is required in order to install Adrenaline. I also did not have any access to PS3 as a bridge to transfer psp game to my vita. I believe that new vita owners also facing this problem. It would be great if someone found a way to install psp game without psn access. Regards...
  3. let say, if a game that dumped with vitamin 1.1, can i install it with vitamin 2.0?
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