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  1. Hi there, I have a vita with 3.60 and use the offline email method to activate the HENkaku . I have been out of the game for a long time and so maybe I am messing up cos of that reason. I have the latest version of QCMA installed in my computer and when I try to tranfer a file thru cable connection the QCMA just disconnects and disappears from my task bar and I get an error on the Vita saying disconnected from PC . I have windows 8.1 PC. I am trying to put an old game which I had backed up into the pc years ago and deleted from the vita for space. Now my kid wants to play
  2. cn90

    Do we need the vpk files ?

    Thank you for the replies !! @ Elyseux Cheers ,I am currently downloading that one thanks !!!
  3. I was wondering if we need to keep the vpk files after we have installed the game into the vita ? I D/loaded Urban Trail Freestyle game,installed the vpk to my vita then deleted the vpk from my vita and the game was saying purchase full game after 3 or 4 maps/missions . Was it just a bad dump ?
  4. Good info for reducing size and saving space. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I'm from the UK and my Vita had been gathering dust til now. Nice to be here and let the good times roll.
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