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  1. thanks, i did all that but it didn't work but i guess it didn't download correctly as i downloaded it again and now it does go figure :D
  2. anyone know the password for this? i tried yukiko@nextgenroms.com and it says wrong password
  3. i've just tried to do this with UP0082-CUSA04551_00-ANDROIDS20030612-A0106-V0100.pkg (NieR - Automata) and it says password missmatch edit: guess you can't unpack retail updates :(
  4. Updated PSVita PKG Downloader/Converter To Include zRIF Options
  5. Thanks and yeah sorry i was making sure it all looked correct then i edited it in so its there now
  6. hey guys i was asked if i could make a small guide for those of you who are struggling to get PC Engine games running on there vita and since this will be a fairly short and straight forward guide i thought i would also include the PSVita PKG Downloader/Converter batch file i wrote for myself to download/extract the following: Vita Games Vita Updates Vita DLC PS1 Games PSP Games PSP DLC PSP MINIS PSP NEO GEO PSP PC Engine PSP Themes i did not create the programs it comes with, i only wrote and tested the batch file itself. PC Engine Guide (NPS Browse
  7. go here https://github.com/HaiHakkuIku/VPKMirror/releases and download the VPK file
  8. RazorX

    [RELEASE] Vita Manager v0.1.9

    does anyone have any covers to share?
  9. RazorX

    MaiDumpTool English 233.2z2

    V233.2zEx is the latest version
  10. RazorX

    [RELEASE] Vita Manager v0.1.9

    lots of stuff i did in this new release and i also have a spare button in the backup options section so if anyone can think of another file/folder to backup on the vita let me know.
  11. RazorX

    [RELEASE] Vita Manager v0.1.9

    released another update, this one will allow the tmp folder to not get so messy if you want to empty the tmp folder before loading this updated program feel free but dont delete the xpd.txt if it exists only delete the folders inside of the tmp folder. never delete the tmp folder itself because it also contains the pkgview and winscp program this needs to work.
  12. RazorX

    [RELEASE] Vita Manager v0.1.9

    ok i think i fixed everything so i have uploaded it and added it to first page turns out one of the ftp options i enabled was deleting the file after transfer for some reason.
  13. RazorX

    [RELEASE] Vita Manager v0.1.9

    ok hold off on using this program atm im having issues with it deleting stuff
  14. RazorX

    [RELEASE] Vita Manager v0.1.9

    yeah im tweaking alot of stuff atm so by the next upload i should have sorted most of the stuff
  15. RazorX

    [RELEASE] Vita Manager v0.1.9

    i can see now there is an issue with the maidumptool section that wasnt there before so im trying to sort it now Edit: ok i think i got the maidumptool folder system working again could you try it for me thanks, i havent tested the add/remove etc gonna do this now.
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