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  1. Original translation patch v1.1 for MaiDump ported to PSVita by EvilGoku : https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-the-legend-of-heroes-zero-no-kiseki-evolution-psvita.499883/ Mai patch for eboot.bin v1.00 ported by Kleyon to NoNpDrm/FAGDec eboot : https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-the-legend-of-heroes-zero-no-kiseki-evolution-psvita.499883/page-9#post-8244113 Previous links will lead you to xDelta patches in case you prefer to patch files yourself. Link to xDelta patch for PFS decrypted NoNpDrm eboot.bin v1.00 have been updated! Changelog: - 1 hexadecimal value was still correspo
  2. You're not forced to install using VPKs, and it's not the best option anymore since it always required double space. You can simply extract VPK files into a GameID folder just like MaidumpTool works. This way you can simply install it using Mai or VitaShell's install folder function (into more menu). It's faster and don't need to have double space available.
  3. I think you find your answer... since you did things correctly... SD card itself must be the issue.
  4. Ok I don't see any mistake concerning what you are doing. I presume it was a brand new SD card, you formatted it to exFAT using Linux or you've injected zzblank.img on it first under Windows ?! What about SD card capacity once it's formatted ? Ultimately do you have a link to where you bought that SD card please ?
  5. PSC

    RedTwinTails Exposed

    Damn, seems like I missed something
  6. Did you activated unsafe mode for homebrews and all that stuff installation ? Which VitaShell's version are you using ? How do you send VPK to Vita ?
  7. Got mine a little while ago (from a friend on a french forum that make it himself) now you can easily find CG2SD adapter on many commercial places (like ebay or even AliExpress). It can now be really cheap cause Chinese entered the dance. Anyway if you know about shop on AliExpress, some are just factory store that produce it themself and it's not necessarily bad quality !
  8. Thanks, I'm still working on it, there's a lot of stuff to add ! Actually doing plugins and already added many of them but there's still plenty !
  9. Megathread for PSVita HENkaku ! HENkaku: HENkaku: HomebrewENabler by Team Molecule. taiHEN: Advanced HEN which brings kernel access & plugins support by yifanlu. Ensō : Custom FirmWare by Team Molecule. Homebrews Showcase: Various homebrews links and sources. HENkaku Offline Installer: HENkaku Exploit without internet connection by xyzz. HENkaku Android Server: HENkaku Exploit using Android device by codestation. Plugins: PNGShot: Make screenshots great again by xyzz. GameSD: Drivers for SD to GameCard adapter, mounting
  10. PSC


    Yes he is, like Joonie They joined Rebug Team at the same time. But Habib still releasing his own CFW too.
  11. Each member can post their custom themes to this section, but just to let you know, there is a site which contains many of them : http://psv.altervista.org/
  12. Final Fantasy VII (10 wallpapers - 17 icons - 1 BGM - Notifications & pages icons) Child Of Light (10 wallpapers - 17 icons - 1 BGM - Notifications & pages icons) Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Venus (10 wallpapers - 17 icons - 1 BGM - Notifications & pages icons)
  13. PSC

    New Admin of NGR

    Congratulations Yukiko you deserve that from the beginning I know it's been a while I didn't came here, but I was just coming to tell I'm sorry but I don't have time (nor motivation) anymore. Like you already understood. Don't worry I'll do my best to keep my links online !
  14. PSC

    I love new forums!

    I could translate English (that isn't my native language) but sadly I can't translate Japanese or Chinese. My goal was to port already translated games to my native language. But I know this isn't so simple, I don't have any programmer skill and I know this is needed. I didn't found anyone from my country to eventually create a team. Anyway, it's cool that some guys are translating Japanese games, even if it's in English ^^
  15. PSC

    I love new forums!

    Welcome Ravenstorm ! Cool to have someone from a Vita translate team ! I was planned to translate Chaos Rings III to my native language too (since I, II and Omega are) but didn't found help I need for doing this. I would like to be part of a translate team but don't know about technical stuff on how doing this
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