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  1. le-tei

    PKG Decrypt error

    Nice, it worked! If someone comes to this topic in search of an answer, the error happened because my name (Tércio) had a special character, as told by @Djdragon44, I just needed to follow his advice and everything went well! Thank you @Djdragon44!!!
  2. le-tei

    PKG Decrypt error

    @Djdragon44 I tried to downaload of various games, and the 2 erros continues, the one on the speed an the one on the status bar, as i noticed on my previous comment
  3. le-tei

    PKG Decrypt error

    @Djdragon44 What do you think it can be? The download is being completed just fine without being paused or anything else. Sorry, now i just noticed other message under de status bar: The download is completed, it really must be something on my side
  4. le-tei

    PKG Decrypt error

    It does not work, i still get the same message
  5. le-tei

    PKG Decrypt error

    Sorry for the late, here it is:
  6. le-tei

    PKG Decrypt error

    Hi, i followed this tutorial: But when the download finishes, i got this message : "PKG decrypt err!" on the speed bar. I'm using NPS Browser 0.74 and pkg2zip 1.7.
  7. le-tei


    Hi everyone, my name is Tércio, and i'm new to this place. I live in Brazil, and i've been on the "homebrew and hacking" scene on videogames since my first PSP back in 2009. In advance, sorry for any mistaking in my writing, my native language is not english.
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