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  1. I'm searching Blue Reflection eniglish + nude patch. Reddit's page (media fire download)link is broken. Has anyone downloaded it before?
  2. I searching Akiba's trip clear save for start a new game with main character girl option. I finished game but my save files is gone. Do you know starter characters girl option hack in game or have a clear game save?
  3. link is dead. 404 error
  4. Game is uploaded on pkgj but have sound problem.
  5. Correct. We need just few days for come to english version.
  6. Game is only japanese now. Maybe any patch coming soon. Do you have a download link? (full game)
  7. Game still only japanese and no english patch but is simple. It's my favorite psp game ^^
  8. Holy Trap! Nice.
  9. This works on eur version? I buyed long time ago eue version and almost all dlc + finished story save data. I want to this mods and same dlc. What I can do?
  10. LordCha

    Trophy Unlocker 3.65 +

  11. LordCha

    [Custom] Live Area Theme Super Sonico

  12. LordCha

    Ps2 Emulator for vita

    This is fine now.
  13. LordCha

    Ps2 Emulator for vita

    Any have ps2 emulator for vita? I want play(again) Digital Devil Saga on vita.
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