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  1. Yeah best to get the "Complete Edition" nowadays if you don't have the other 2 yet. This is the only Digimon games I ever liked. It's strongly on the easy side though, and the story is slow, but the premise is amazing. Being a "ghost in the machine type hacker / Digimon trainer" is fun.
  2. Ravenstorm

    mega pop'n music 7 (NTSC-J)

    Best Piano Ghost
  3. Ravenstorm


    Welcome. There's always time for games. They even have idle games now and you don't even need to be there to "play" them! Crazy times, haha.
  4. Soft mod a Wii? Man it's better just to use Dolphin emulator in my opinion. You can pump up the graphics if you got the GPU power and it looks amazing. They have controller converters so you can use old ones if you really want also.
  5. Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition. Only $25 now, what a nice deal. Glad I waited. It's not Steam but that's fine I hate Steam. https://www.indiegala.com/store/game/doom-eternal-deluxe-edition/782330_deluxe?ref=itad
  6. I knew it would happen once the Switch release eventually came out. I knew it! Gota say though, the Switch version is VASTLY superior to the Vita version in playability and convenience. In my opinion only use this if you don't have a Switch or just wanna be retro and use a Vita and be cool (or just love your Vita).
  7. Ravenstorm


    Welcome, really liking your posts already.
  8. Ravenstorm

    game Games from Web&Me

    Holy, wow, EG is really going all out with the popular ones this week.
  9. Ravenstorm

    Vita with 3.60, problems with QCMA

    Same, QCMA is so outdated and NEVER worked for me. I just use Vita Shell for everything now. In my opinion just get max supported firmware (not sure what it is at the moment haven't looked in a while) and H Encore, it's so much easier than dealing with old clunky methods. There is the auto h encore which is so nice.
  10. Ravenstorm

    humour Famous NGR quotes

    LOL -> What can I say, @RyouBakurais a natural famous quote generator.
  11. Ravenstorm

    game Games from Web&Me

    Lilith is best Siren! Thanks picked it up.
  12. Ravenstorm

    giveaway Free Steam Keys

    NOO I MISSED IT! =( I really wanted this. T_T Looks like GameGuru MAX is coming soon though, so that's probably why. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1247290/GameGuru_MAX/ Probably better just to wait for the new and improved version that isn't over 5 years old.
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