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  1. Yourlocalarsonist

    Metal dragon

    Dude please share Darius Extra Version MD Please, i have been searching that rom for so, so long
  2. Yourlocalarsonist

    genesis paprium roms

    I think paprium can only be played in a custom mame version, as shown by this guy who is trying to dump the game: https://github.com/ArcadeHustle/WatermelonPapriumDump
  3. Yourlocalarsonist

    Darius Extra Version Rom for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

    Oh boi, hope someone finally dumps the rom
  4. Yourlocalarsonist

    mega Darius [Mega Drive Mini]

    please ignore the other messages, i accidentaly pressed the submit message button too hard, ill edit them so people dont think i was trying to spam messages
  5. Yourlocalarsonist

    mega Darius [Mega Drive Mini]

    You can find the rom easily elsewhere in internet, just search in google, isn't a hard rom to find
  6. Yourlocalarsonist

    Darius Extra Version Rom for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

    Anyone with the rom?
  7. ok, i'll try it, i'll reply back after i tested it, thx for the help
  8. I tried using nulldc but didn't even wanted to load the file. I think is the same kind of copyprotection measure that Watermelon used in Pier Solar HD for the dreamcast, it boots normally until te sega logo and then crashes the emulator, this happened in both redream and flycast in retroarch, and as i said before, null dc even refused to load the file
  9. Yourlocalarsonist

    Darius Extra Version Rom for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

    Darius Extra Version is an enhanced port of the Darius Mini Rom with some little extras like the addition of continues in the extra mode and sound fixes like that some instruments sounded too loud or to low in the Genesis Mini Version. Is not the same as the mini version that has been available to download since 2019, Darius Extra Version was released last year by Taito and published by Columbus Circle In Japan with the full game box, manual, and cartridge, and the US/Europe release is pending i think, it will release later in this year, if it didn't release already
  10. Do someone has a rom of Darius Extra Version? I've been searching for it but cant find anything
  11. I tried running the game with redream, but it crashed the game after the sega logo in the boot screen appeared, also tried it with flycast core in retroarch and it crashed too.
  12. Yourlocalarsonist

    Arcade Racing Legends [GDI]

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