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    (Request) Dreamcast "Tough Guy"

    I only have a surface level of understanding how a lot of these ports work, but I have some ideas. I believe the Jazz Jackrabbit port is also a DOS port. Usually when I open the game image file for these sorts of ports what it comes down to is a directory structure, specific file naming, and an emulator set to auto launch a game. Quite often I am able to simply swap out the game file with a new game file named the same as the original. So it might be possible to open up Jazz, take out the DOS game files and put in the files for Tough Guy. Maybe. With JoshProd ports I've found quite a few of them can be made better using alternative emulators and pirated roms. I haven't got a Prod Dos port so I'm probably going to buy this one if it doesn't surface in a while because it seems to me like his DOS emulator is running really well compared to his prior ports. Maybe he's learning or found someone more knowledgeable to help him. Either way, remaking what he's doing but using opensource and pirate methods is a gamble and anything could come of it. Might run better, might run worse, might not run at all. I'll give it a go but there's no need to wait on me. You can grab Jazz out of the ports section and Tough Guy from a litany of pirate joints and give it a go if you don't want to wait on me. It's really easy to do, just open of the cdi for Jazz and swap the games out then bootdreams it back together as a cdi. That's how I started getting Amiga, SMS, NES, GB, GG, and Neogeo ports going. OpenBOR is harder and DOS might be too but it's probably just as easy as those others given it's just as early. I'll make a tool kit sometime but things like bootdreams and isobuster are not hard to find.
  2. GatorCountry

    (Request) Dreamcast "Tough Guy"

    This is a port of the DOS game?
  3. GatorCountry

    Racist Uploads?

    Yeah bud, seems like they're done in good fun.
  4. GatorCountry

    Xenocider and Satazius Next CDI?

    Damn bud, I'll have to buy it I guess.
  5. GatorCountry

    Racist Uploads?

  6. GatorCountry

    Racist Uploads?

    Actually, the plot thickens, one of the roms had a title screen advertising the host site for them so now I have found even more. Just need to actually patch the roms and upload the patched roms to share. There's a whole slew of various flavors of offensive here. I think it's funny AF but to patch these then upload them will take me time and if I'm the only grown ass man with the sense of humor of a 12 year old then I'll not waste my time. I can't see the harm in showing where the patches are hosted. You have to click this link then several others to find anything offensive. It's not hard to find but there is no I accidentally here so I figure safe for public. I apologize if I'm overstepping. You can find the patches here: ROM Hacks | BaddestHacks.net I'm gonna get to work on Beat'em and Eat'em. That shit is funny as f**k I tell y'all what. "Help these poor girls get properly bukkake-ed"
  7. GatorCountry

    Racist Uploads?

    I stumbled across just a ton of hacks I've never heard of, but they are extremely racist. Upload and link or don't bother making threads?
  8. GatorCountry

    Xenocider and Satazius Next CDI?

    I've not found anything yet but I did see Satazius on Steam. If the games are the same I might try to port it myself. I see Alice Sisters there too. Same deal, guess I'll buy them and see what the download is but I'm gonna look around for a free steam version before I, probably, waste my money. Still hunting, this one might have to get ripped.
  9. GatorCountry

    Pokemon Crystal

    Just like the rest of mine this is an auto port. The first loading screen is a bit funny so I just wanted to show you guys this: Is normal. The faded "loading" text is just from the intro fading one pic into the next. On emulators your FPS counter might stop jumping around at the same time so it looks like a freeze but just be patient, it will pull through and load. I made the text go from bottom to top to get a feel for the order the pics load in. No menus or any of that bother, straight into the game. VMU saves work [Hidden Content]
  10. GatorCountry

    Fire & Ice

    Another Amiga port made by my brother who goes by Marchegiano on dreamcast-talk. I don't know if I ever actually said this anywhere so let me sure it's at least said once. Every port I upload is an autoload port. When the loading screen or desktop screen come up you don't have to do anything for the game to boot. I suggest just holding the trigger to super throttle through actually, and if you're emulating it then hold the triggers and press whatever you use for your emulator's fast forward. Hell, actually I'm not sure I ever mentioned the Amiga ports can be fast forwarded at all If you missed it, hold the triggers, even on hardware you have at least one fast forward. This one gets rid of the simulated LEDs on the bottom. It's a pretty good game actually. All the cliche stuff from Europe where you have to go all over the levels collecting nonsense to progress, dodging unfair enemy spawns, and the controls are pretty terrible, but, somehow the fellas who made this one made all of that work for them. The slippery controls are fine in an icy setting. You're rewarded for going around the level rather than just wasting time because if you're not getting a piece of the key you're probably going to find one of your puppies who once joined up with you will tail you like as if his name were Tails and help you along by attacking with you. You can have a whole little with you all shooting iceballs at enemies. The spawns will get you if you don't pay attention but if you take note of topography, after you learn what the different types are, you can anticipate them pretty well from there out and don't actually have to take a hit all the time to learn the layout of the levels. All in all, a very good Amiga game. [Hidden Content]
  11. GatorCountry

    Dragon Breed

    It's a pretty interesting SHUMP with some platforming. You get off the dragon here and there for the platforming bits. It's a cool game and definitely worth a try [Hidden Content]
  12. GatorCountry

    AVP Aftermath

    Decent OpenBOR ported by IMR to Dreamcast. Fairly similar to the arcade but this version has less characters. No Arnold for you here. If you don't know the DreamBOR ports are probably the most labor intensive. They actually have to make a lot of drastic changes and basically rebuild the game from source so it can run on DC. [Hidden Content]
  13. Another OpenBOR title repackaged for Dreamcast. [Hidden Content]
  14. GatorCountry

    Turrican II

    If you don't know Turrican f**k you. I'm playing. This might be the best franchise on Amiga. You see what it is, bit MegaMan, bit Metroid, bit Contra, all badass. Like all mines, this is an autoboot solution but I do not think this version has the LEDs removed. If anyone wants a no led version I'll make that up on request [Hidden Content]
  15. GatorCountry

    Turrican III

    The might Turrican returns for his last outing....that I know of. More of the same from one and two but that ain't a bad thing. [Hidden Content]
  16. GatorCountry

    Ax Battler

    Top-down RPG exploration. Side Scrolling platformer battles and dungeons. One of the coolest Game Gear games ever made. [Hidden Content]
  17. GatorCountry

    Jet Set Willy

    I don't know much about Jet Set Willy. I quite like Kim Justice's very long documentary style coverage of games and they certainly mention Willy all the time. I thought it was some massively important and popular Euro platformer. This is an NES convert again converted to DC. I'll work on a speccy version in the future. [Hidden Content]
  18. GatorCountry

    Battle Kid 2

    Like with BK1 I had to make this. Unlike BK1 I did not find a super sweet cover so I had to make that as well. I just traded out roms with the first version and it worked. No messing about in menus that don't matter, straight from boot screen to game. [Hidden Content]
  19. GatorCountry

    Battle Kid

    This is a game I found on another website in a foreign language that translated but it read like childish nonsense so I couldn't make much of it. Maybe one of youse multi-linguals out there can find out more at Darius-Saturn. What I can tell you is it plays how it looks. First generation NES Mega Man, straight up. This game is unfair, but no more unfair than its inspiration. It might be a bit more difficult but it seemed about the same to me. Battle Kid, or at least this version, was built on an NES platform and the port I found on the Saturn forum, which is where that tits cover came from as well, was done using Nester. Done, no offense to the person who did it, poorly I reckon. So I redid it. I have the original still and if any of youse want it I got no problem uploading it for you, but, it's not as direct as this port. You'll have to navigate through menus and start the game on the OG version....and who really wants that? My version, either burn or throw in an emu, any emu, and off you go. I cracked the original open and popped its rom out. Then I cracked open one of the ports my brother made and popped its boot files out. Mix mash and replace, pop into discjuggler cause that pops out cdi's and there you go. My brother says he'll give me some tools to make it way easier but this port is pretty exactly like any of his I've uploaded so I dunno if I need them. I'll upload what I use as a package if any wants to make their own ports. Sometimes with these smaller games it takes more time to explain what the upload it than to upload them. Consequently, I did the minimum for quite a few of these but as I get more time I will type or copy some kind of explanation for them. [Hidden Content]
  20. I wasn't real sure where to put this. More retail than aftermarket, homebrew, or a port so here it is. [Hidden Content]
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    Holy Diver

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