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  1. GatorCountry

    The Neverending Story

    A top down shooter. You play as Falkor and shoot all sorts of creatures. Tested on ReDream I did not watch the video, I'm just assuming it's good enough [Hidden Content]
  2. Oh Snap, I was about to make a thread. Cheers Beast. If you're wanting some ports send me a message bud, I'm ready for requests again.
  3. GatorCountry

    [REQ] Magic Pockets - Dreamcast

    EDIT- I see what's happened. I ported an Amiga or DOS version, not the Gen. Here's the gen version CDI. [Hidden Content] Same stuff as psobb's SDcard reader just from a disc. Can be burned and played on Dreamcast, or emu on Demul, but no Redream for this one.
  4. GatorCountry

    (Request) Dreamcast "Tough Guy"

    With Rocketron and Alice Sisters out I can probably whip up a better version than my previous. I don't have the PC I was using when I made that first go so I've had to download my own work again. I should have been more clear in the other post. I'll edit it. The current upload is just a proof of concept. It doesn't run at a playable speed. Edit- Alice Sisters is a Game Maker port I believe. It'll be neat to see what other games I can trick it's ip.bin and 1st_read.bin to playing, but it won't be this one. I'll check out Rocketron's insides next and if that one isn't DOS based either we're a bit SOL until I get Tough Guy in myself. Which, I have ordered.
  5. GatorCountry

    Alice Sisters (Sega Dreamcast)

    Holy hell yes. This one is interesting on a few levels. I've beaten the Steam version, so, I can tell youse it's a good game worth playing. On top of that I was still wanting to see the official DC port because I had a go at porting this one myself and it didn't go so well. Can't wait to see what is inside this cdi. In fact, I'm done upping for the day. Y'all sit tight, I only had NES ports to up anyway. Let me get this cracked and see what else it can port.
  6. GatorCountry


    Like Turrican, or Gunlord, little bit more Mega Man than your average Turrican clone. The animations are nice and the gameplay is fun, in my opinion. It's pretty hard on its hardest setting and super easy on its baby settings. Tested on ReDream. Not my original rip. If you are the user who emailed me and you want credit, my bad bud, I thought you wanted to hide your association to the upload. Rocketron (Sega Dreamcast) | VGNYsoft Mega: [Hidden Content] Original, Amiga version, Turrican ported to Dreamcast: Gunlord: Enjoy
  7. GatorCountry


    Sorry for the internet sourced screenshot, I usually use my own but I'm a bit unprepared for this upload. Was requested via private message but I figure if I'm up'ing it I may was well share with everyone. It's a very fun platform runner. You're just trying to get from left to right as quickly as you can manage to but it's quite difficult in spots and you're going to be forced to take it easy. Similar to a Sonic game but harder and you don't have an attack. I had started to work on the comic prior to my PC burning out but didn't finish. I included my work. It's very much readable, the only issue is I seem to have decided halfway through the pages should be bigger. So, it's a simple as resizing the pages to make it a nive digital comic. Included is the CBZ and the photos I used to create the CBZ. Should you want to resize or create your own rename the .cbz extension to a .zip and handle it just like you would any other zip. .cbr/.cbr are zips and rars they're just renamed so the comic book reader can differentiate between comic book zips and regular zips more easily. Just a head's up, I'm not trying to guilt anyone into buying anything just giving some unsolicited advice is all. This one is really cheap, I think I paid like ten bucks for it and the comic. It's a steal, well, not like my link is, but you get what I mean. Mega: [Hidden Content]
  8. GatorCountry

    Splatterhouse Chrome

    Link updated, sorry about that buds.
  9. GatorCountry

    genesis paprium roms

    the dump.bin in the mini game folder works on GX in retroarch. I've found nothing else so far.
  10. GatorCountry

    HDD Failure

    Just gonna pop this here. I'm down again boys, this time it's just my rig so the links are safe. Just not uploading more until I can get back at my tools because starting over again is ass. My HDD is corrupted, and, i kept pushing it anyway, so now when I plug it in as a secondary is takes hours to open a folder if it does it at all. I got a request for Amiga porting tools so I'll be after that first.
  11. GatorCountry


    This is the old Amiga version I'll look for the remaster, it's doubtful but I may be able to port it as well.
  12. GatorCountry

    (Request) Dreamcast "Tough Guy"

    I've been gone a long time and this got a lot of ups while I was away. I edited it to make it more clear, this is a proof of concept. Not a very playable version. I'm trying to port more sorts of games than my current line of 8-bits. To be SUPER clear. I've just bought the game, it's coming, I'll up the official rip soon, but, I'm still trying to learn how they did it so this thread will get a few versions over time. This particular version isn't even really an alpha, it's a proof of concept and that is it. Download at your risk, burn at your risk, play at your risk. I doubt it'll harm a DC and seriously doubt it'll harm a PC, but, this play really, really, poorly. [Hidden Content]
  13. GatorCountry

    (Request) Dreamcast "RocketRon"

    Here's the Amiga version ported: [Hidden Content]
  14. GatorCountry

    (Request) Dreamcast "RocketRon"

    Alright bud, I've had this made for a little while but I ran into a pretty significant problem. I can't currently test. My old rig was running on a motherboard from 2008 and it's finally given out. The one i've been using is a crappy mini pc with only a 1.0 cpu. I got redream running fine but I didn't get demul to work and demul is really the only emulator that can run genesis titles. Redream can confirm some things for me but the graphics are a nightmare to deal with. That said, what I can offer you is something I think works but I can't tell myself. The only way I could possibly test it at the moment is if I burned the test runs and played them on my dreamcast. Which I don't recommend anyone doing. Test it in demul and then if it works burn it and play it on your DC. https://mega.nz/file/uO4miDiJ#xOi3degnvLNPdVs_oSe7tqPBE2dNrB-DyvTHM5UTbqA Not hiding this one because It's not even a real release or port. It's a test. I ran this on a minimal version of gens4all. It's a simple process but just in case you get lost, select "CD" and then "Magic Pockets.bin" and it should play. I'de appreciate it if anyone let me know if it worked.
  15. GatorCountry

    (Request) Dreamcast "RocketRon"

    I have it. I'm installing Titan IDE at the moment and soon as it's done I'll get to work. I don't think I can make a direct port for a genesis title, I'll try a few different solutions before I give in but I think the best I can do is a limited gui boot. It probably won't just launch into the game like most my ports, but, all you'll have to do is press A on "Magic Pockets.bin" and then it should play fine.
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