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  1. fraggle200

    looking for flashback?

    Not really my links, I take it you got these from the Darius-Saturn link I posted. I've not taken everything from there so I may still take the odd thing here and there.
  2. fraggle200

    Alice Dreams Tournament (CDI) Request

    it's in here https://darius-saturn.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=313&t=6014&p=176142#p176142
  3. fraggle200

    (Request) Bang Bang Busters

  4. fraggle200

    Xenocider and Satazius Next CDI?

    is it in here?
  5. a quick search turns this up.
  6. fraggle200

    Please: propeller arena and quake world gdi

    Propeller Arena GDI https://archive.org/details/propeller-arena-dreamcast-v-1.006-11.09.2001-prototype-first-gdi.-7z
  7. well looks like I spoke too soon.
  8. wouldn't hold your breath if this thread is something to go by.
  9. fraggle200

    Intrepid Izzy

    Glad you got it working.
  10. fraggle200

    Intrepid Izzy

    There's a discjuggler version on here in 1 of the DC pages that works on win10 no probs. also if you're serious, the comments in this may help.
  11. fraggle200

    Intrepid Izzy

    With no GDRom drive in my DC I can't get this as there's no digital release. anyone got a CDI of it?
  12. fraggle200


    As far as i can tell, these JoshProd versions aren't out till September
  13. fraggle200

    Zia and the Goddesses of Magic

    Thanks. didn't even think that might have been the case.
  14. https://mega.nz/file/KP5yyJ5A#tAom00ePSq1otQP67OEMnc8xEkPoKCgkqYyOOBIvAkk
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