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  1. MDashK

    Arcade Racing Legends [GDI]

    This works with GDEMU. If it works with mine, it works with yours.
  2. MDashK

    ELANSAR & PHILIA Indie game for Dreamcast

    Use DiscJuggler to rip it to CDI.
  3. imo, Yes, it is better than the Demo.
  4. MDashK

    Arcade Racing Legends [GDI]

    It's a Mil-CD, so I don't really know if producing a correct GDI is possible.
  5. MDashK

    Arcade Racing Legends [GDI]

    Really? Hmmm... I know someone that tried to rip the game using that same method and the CDI kept getting damaged sectors and unreadable files. Maybe an issue with the DVD drive...
  6. Creating this thread to bring awareness to this release by We1Dont7Die. Originally shared here: https://www.nextgenroms.com/topic/13807-arcade-racing-legends-gdi/?do=findComment&comment=66865 Information Get your old Dreamcast’s engine warmed up and show off your driving skills as you take the wheel of one of the dozens of legendary cars included in Arcade Racing Legends game! At full speed, on an original soundtrack you will try to control your vehicle on 6 varied circuits (city, desert…). Face your friends in frenzied games thanks to the “Duel” mod
  7. MDashK

    Arcade Racing Legends [GDI]

    Oh awesome! Thanks a lot for this! May I ask how you managed to rip the game? I know it has some sort of copy-protection, so I'm guessing you used your Dreamcast to rip the CDI? Just played the game. Totally different from the demo. Still not worth the full price, but a very good racer. 😃
  8. Genkai Tokki: Moero Crystal in English. Updated to version 2.0.1803 This is a RePatch folder. To save space, you can delete the same name CPK files from the \app\PCSG00695\data folder. Also, if you have a PATCH update and DLC ADDCONT applied, I recommend deleting those as well. The main CPK files of the RePatch folder have the ver.1.03 PATCH files and the 3 DLCs available already directly applied. So if you keep the PATCH and ADDCONT files, they might cause conflict. This modification uses the Switch assets to convert the game from Japanese into English. Technical Informat
  9. MDashK

    Sega Swirl

    I think that is correct, but I think it was only in the USA, and I don't really remember any details about that, I only quickly glanced at that information years ago...
  10. MDashK

    Sega Swirl

    Sega Smash Pack Volume 1 also has Sega Swirl. https://archive.org/details/tosecdcus20190822
  11. MDashK

    Arcade Racing Legends [GDI]

    OK, so I just found the Demo CDI of this game to download online and went ahead and tried it. Arcade Racing Legends Demo.zip https://www110.zippyshare.com/v/qXV5N684/file.html The physics and the engine are interesting, graphics are OK, but aside from that, IMO, I do not feel the game to be worth the 39€ + shipping price tag. To be honest, I was really thinking about buying the game full price and rip it/share it here, but the demo didn't impress me that much and I gotta cut expenses due to all this pandemic consequences.
  12. MDashK

    Arcade Racing Legends [GDI]

    It all depends on what kind of writing method and security (if existent) the CD contains, but that can be easily investigated later. Hell, one can even do both the methods to compare them and check if everything is correct, so...
  13. MDashK

    Arcade Racing Legends [GDI]

    Well, I still have one Dreamcast with GD-ROM drive to rip the game so.... Anyone wants to buy it physical by splitting the costs? 🤣
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