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  1. Hooptie

    Finding Teddy

    This would be nice!
  2. Hooptie


    This version has multiple different formats in it. Including .gdi and .chd. A good link!
  3. Hooptie


    There's a version in .chd found here:
  4. Hooptie

    mediafire Ganryu AES4all+ Settings / Dreamcast

    Wish this was the actual port to Dreamcast. Really hard to find.
  5. Hooptie

    Dreamcast Indie Armed7 or Armed Seven

    This is a Dreamshell version, denoted by DS in the name. Megavolt85 made these on the 0.7x Beta thread, these are optimized images. I may have a .cdi somewhere.. think I got it from 4chan or a Russian site.
  6. Hooptie

    ELANSAR & PHILIA Indie game for Dreamcast

    These can be found independently via PAL Redump collections in .bin/.cue! Personally, I like this prospect better as I can convert them to .chd and load each separately.
  7. I don't think I've ever clicked on something so fast in my life! Thanks again, I was hoping you'd pull through!
  8. I've been on a hunt for this one for a while! Missed the upload from the fall, and can only find a bad Russian translation online. Does anyone have this? Sent a few PM's but nothing has come of it unfortunately. If someone could share this I'd be really appreciative, thanks so much!
  9. Hooptie

    Karous (JAP) (English Patched v1.0)

    Master X has compiled a GDI compatible patch for this game (among others) over on the RHDN forums recently actually! One user reported once converted to a .chd this file is less than 90MB, enjoy! (;
  10. I really hope that one of the few who managed to snag this one can reupload it, really kicking myself I missed it.
  11. I got here too late and the window for this one closed.. If anyone would be kind enough to reupload this one, it'd be like a late Christmas present.
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