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  1. https://ufile.io/bs6musii Digimon Digital Card Battle for the PSX.
  2. LeftyGuitar

    discussion What TV Show(s) Have You Watched Recently?

    An rerun of Family Guy. Its older episodes are much better.
  3. LeftyGuitar

    How did you find VP or NGR?

    Deadlegion told me about this site not that long ago. I've been on Emuparadise for awhile now. Still a good site, but it was sad they decided to disable all their rom downloads. I was also on SOR back in the day and TSO. I also remember Dill and Jackhammer from those sites as well.
  4. Way of the Samurai 3 and 4 on Steam.
  5. LeftyGuitar

    Hey There

    Thanks for the welcomes :)
  6. LeftyGuitar

    Hey There

    Hi all, thanks for the replies.
  7. LeftyGuitar

    Hey There

    Hello all, How's it going? Deadlegion told me about this site. I'm not new to emulation, but more emulation sites are always good.
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