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  1. deadlegion

    Hello there :)

    Hello Moana 🙂 English isn't your primary language? I never would've guessed that to be honest.
  2. deadlegion

    game My Game Videos

    Shocked more than anything, I think. It was Lefty's comment about the ball-gag and your entire response. And now I see Lefty has posted that he also likes bondage 😲
  3. deadlegion

    game My Game Videos

    I don't know what to say...
  4. The proto disc version everyone seems to be talking about now? From what I understand the owner might've dumped it but won't release the dump. The actual disc is for sale though, ebay auction. I think the bids are above $20k USD. It isn't a complete game.
  5. deadlegion

    Taxi 2 [PAL][English translation v1.0][GDI]

    New download link in OP.
  6. It hasn't been 30 days yet so the download is still free. I'm not sure where you're seeing the "sign up in order to download", but the download does work without any login (as I previously mentioned it was an anonymous upload). I just downloaded it again myself to verify that it still works. Edit: I don't know your location but have you tried downloading via Opera browser with built in VPN turned on? Change the VPN location to a region other than your own.
  7. Archive type: zip File type: .md Info: Late prototype dumped by Mad Moham. Putty_Squad_(Late_prototype).zip
  8. deadlegion

    VitaCheat mega download

    Are there extra cheats on reddit? r/VitaCheats
  9. Fair enough. You do realise a lot of those games have compression in the pkg? I think it's usually the audio but possibly video too depending on what game it is. I have built pkg from scratch myself and compared to PSN version, if you use zero compression the pkg you end up with is larger than official. That was back when I was messing around with backup injection on retail OFW.
  10. Well I don't have the PS3 PSN version myself. Think I might possibly have the PSP PSOne Classics version (renascene) but honestly I don't think I ever used it (iirc). Think that has keys. Always used bin/cue PS1 dumps on PS3 via managunz. Same with PS2 dumps (iso for DVD and bin/cue for CD). Edit: As for purchasing, whoever would want to do that soon. All the old stores will be closing this year (not PS4 as that is still current) but hopefully the server links will last beyond that for a bit.
  11. You can't get both via PSNStuff ??? If there's only a rif you can try converting to rap (another prog).
  12. Op mentioned the only thing he wanted was MageWar (unreleased), so here's an upload. Please bear in mind that this share is pre-release build and very very small, so it may not have much in the way of content at all. Also, it may not even work on anything but dev console, I don't know as I haven't got around to testing it myself. Source was dev console if I recall correctly. This is an anonymous upload and the host will only retain the file for a maximum of 30 days. No password. Download: [Hidden Content]
  13. Prototype of the unreleased game Waterworld for Sega Genesis. Source: unknown Archive type: 7zip File type: .bin No password. Waterworld_(Prototype).7z
  14. Nanatsu no Hikan: Senritsu no Bishou (aka Seven Mansions) Looking for pre-patched English translation of the above title Regular GDI format (same as TOSEC) for use with GDEMU, not Dreamshell GDI or any sort of CDI. From what I've read it has possibly (?) been accomplished but it requires skills I don't possess atm. Yeah I can extract GDI, replace the necessary files and rebuild but it needs more than just that to actually work with GDEMU. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Looking for some old scene releases, not just any dump these are specific. These were nuked for not being retail... Kingdom_Under_Fire_The_Crusaders_DVDRiP_XBOX-GGS Silent_Hill_4_USA_XBOX-LIGHTFORCE Any help would be appreciated.
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