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  1. deadlegion

    Demons of Asterborg

    Version 1.1 Rom is .bin and no archive password. [Hidden Content]
  2. deadlegion

    The Curse of Illmoore Bay rom

    Rom is .bin and no password for archive. [Hidden Content]
  3. deadlegion

    Power Stone Collection for PS Vita

    As far as I know, yes.
  4. deadlegion

    Power Stone Collection for PS Vita

    I think the digital version was available via the store on Vita but as above, it's still the PSP version.
  5. deadlegion

    how i burn xbox classic game on dvd ?

    Original Xbox can read dual layer discs. It just depends on the drive type and the media. Eg: Hitachi-LG (GDR-8050L) in v1.6 Xbox with modchip can read DVD+R DL. I have 2x backups here on DVD+R DL media... Jade Empire (Ridata DVD+R DL) and 50 Cent Bulletproof (Verbatim DVD+R DL) they both work fine on the above console. They also work on another v1.6 modchip console I have here that I pulled the original faulty 8050 drive and hooked up a PC CD/DVD burner: Hitachi-LG GSA-H11N (this unit will only play backups at the moment). I think the Thomson drive is the one that has difficulty reading different media types. I could be wrong about that, but I could do some testing as I have a spare working drive here. Console with modchip: HDD locking is irrelevant. Just use whatever PATA drive you want and use an installer disc to format/setup the HDD. SATA you will obviously need an adapter (I don't recommend the startech adapters myself), 80 wire PATA cable and molex power splitter.
  6. deadlegion

    how i burn xbox classic game on dvd ?

    For original Xbox console? If the download you have is an iso disc image then just burn to DVD using ImgBurn on PC. If the download you got is extracted files of the game you will need to rebuild the iso first before burning. Rebuild iso using Qwix on PC. Please note some original Xbox DVD drives can be funny about disc media, even more so if the laser is getting tired. In my experience games burnt to DVD-R media will work on most, if not all, fully functioning drives. Media branding (eg Verbatim, Sony... etc) is irrelevant, it's the manufacturer that is important (I would avoid CMC and Moser Baer manufactured discs).
  7. Went to upvote the OP and downvoted by accident. Not sure how that happened but my apologies, it wasn't intentional. Edit: Nevermind, it seems I could edit that and fix it completely. Never realised that could be done tbh Carry on 😆
  8. deadlegion

    All Gone

    This happened to me recently and I suspect it was the GoldenEye XBLA (Xbox 360) release that caused it. I already had a couple of uploads removed the week before but didn't notice those until my account was nuked. Yeah it happened really unexpectedly 😒 That account was an older one that had 40GB plus of stuff on it, thankfully I'm old school and have 10TB plus of local backups (probably way more than that now actually) but it can be a real pain going through heaps of drives looking for one or two items. I have so far refused to setup another mega account, I just use anonymous uploads on zippyshare or whatever. There are a few hosts you can upload to without creating an account but they aren't as common, there are usually file size limits so you'll need to split large files. Also, files are removed due to inactivity so be prepared for that. If you use zippyshare you can see the odd downloader complain the link doesn't work (error 404 or whatever) but it's usually because they're in the UK or another country that can't use that host. They can get around that by using Opera browser's built-in VPN and switching their location to Asia or whatever, it's easy enough I use that browser to access certain things I can't normally get to (I'm not in the UK). Edit: Yeah my local storage is more like 30TB or more now. I have a few 4TB drives and heaps of smaller drives 🤪 The only 8TB I have is used as external storage for my Xbox One S console.
  9. deadlegion

    Zia & the Goddesses of Magic

    @teuton1379 You should be blocking ads, I don't know how you could remain sane doing otherwise. Even youtube has ads. Anyway there's no need to visit the site at all, just use the link in a download manager such as JDownloader or whatever. If you think free games are bs then look elsewhere 🙂
  10. deadlegion

    Intrepid Izzy

    A clickable link posted openly, that's why.
  11. deadlegion

    King's Field [NTSC-J][English translation v1.0]

    Fresh download link in OP.
  12. deadlegion

    DJ Max Portable 3 Update Patches [US/Korea]

    Fresh link.
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