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  1. kingoutkast

    Taxi 2 [PAL][English translation v1.0][GDI]

    Please re upload when you get a chance
  2. kingoutkast

    Arcade Racing Legends [GDI]

    That demo seems to be super glitchy after a few seconds...can't really enjoy it because of it...a full retail .cdi would be fantastic!
  3. kingoutkast

    Dreamcast Indie Armed7 or Armed Seven

    Same doesn't work on clone GDEMU
  4. kingoutkast

    Sega Swirl

    Thank you guys. Is there also a standalone version? If my old man memory is correct, it came as a freebie in a magazine issue maybe it was???!!!? Or am I thinking of something else altogether?
  5. kingoutkast

    Sega Swirl

    Only copy is from "Da Bomb" that I can find and Sega Swirl doesn't work on the GDEMU unfortunately TIA
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