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  1. Glad your happy, it costed a pretty penny to get a physical disc from Japan.
  2. Since even i can't even find it on the internet after several hours, and the only youtuber that i know of that has a copy of the undub, wont release do to "can-t distribute ISOs as its illegal" I have taken it a pond myself to purchase a used copy from japan, at $200 Aud, unfortunately due to covid the only option for shipping is by fing boat for 2-4 month wait. I'll keep you guys updated, and will dump it on this site. When i get a hold of it. Edit: I will also see about making a undub of it. since the English copy is easy to get a hold of on this site. Although it might only be for the purest as i noticed the original does not have subtitles like the sequel does.
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