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  1. Not necessarily a cheat, but does anyone have a clear save for Trails of Cold Steel 1? I want to go for a NG+ with max bonding points, but my PS3 died, so i have to play it on Vita (where i don't have a clear save). So can someone help me out with a clear save (without DLC embedded)?
  2. Sadly i don't have a CFW PS3 but rather i bought a Cobra ODE back then. Regarding the future release of Persona 5 and the jp voices DLC i'm asking myself if there is a way to potentially install ripped DLC with a Cobra ODE. I know that this is very common with CFW, but what about the ODE?
  3. A question: Is the Sega Saturn emulation on this good? Would like to play Shining Force III again.^^
  4. A while ago i downloaded a VT2.0 gamedump (tales of hearts) from another well known site and even though i ran it through savedump today and checked the "SAFE" status in VPK viewer (it was SAFE), Vita Shell gave me an "additional permission rights" warning. How is such a thing possible. BTW: I actually do trust the mods/admins/uploaders of the page i got it from.
  5. baten

    Network video player?

    Is there some kind of Network Stream Video player, that lets you stream MP4 files from your PC to your Vita/PSTV?
  6. Today i found a save file for a game (or rather someone send it to me via pm after i requested it on reddit) exported with save manager 0.7. Before i use it: Is there any bricking risk involved with save files?
  7. Well, no matter how often i run the folder with the VPK through savedump, it doesn`t toggle save mode. But the fil has been processed as the date modified timestamp in Windows proves that the VPK has been modified by savedump. Tried it with 2 games (Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2) .
  8. As i don`t use QCMA to transfer my games, but Filezilla (FTP client) i`m a little bit confused on how to use VPKShrink V4.0. Can someone help me out?
  9. Is there a tool that can check the VPK for safe mode before i send it to my Memory Card? I tried Vita Organizer, but it always says that the VPK requires extended permissions. Interesting enough safe dump processes the same file again if i put the folder onto the exe as if it wasnt processed in the first place (but it clearly was).
  10. baten

    Media Player homebrew?

    Is there some kind of Video/Media Player homebrew to play something like mp4 or mkv files? I think the official (sony) way is very risky if you don`t want to risk your 3.60 FW.
  11. Can the Vita savefiles only be used on the Vita/PSTV they were created?
  12. No, i want to be able to connect to the VitaShell FTP from my PC, but i don`t want to connect to the internet with my PSTV while doing this. At this point everything is set to "auto" and i need to check the internet box in the menue to be able to get through to my PC, but at the same time it connects to the internet because both are plugged into the router. What i want to do is to ONLY be able to reach the PSTV from my PC and vice versa without connecting to the web.
  13. Well, i don`t know if this is the right forum to ask, but noneteless: Currently i have my PSTV hooked into my router via a LAN cable. Whenever i want to start a FTP on it to transfer my VPKs from my PC (which of cause is plugged into the same router) i need to establish a internet connection. But i`d rather not connect my PSTV to the internet. Is there a way to only connect my PSTV to the PC but not to the internet through the router? Maybe i need to put my PC IP into the DNS settings of my PSTV?
  14. Just a short question (not really related to Vita): Why does the tool check EBOOTs? Does it mean there is also something like this happening in the PS3 scene and i have to use this tool for my PS3 games (or rather the EBOOT files) as well?
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