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    Hey guys, found my way to the site here and liked how it looked so decided to become a part of the community! I'm an avid fan of video games with a more recent serious interest in playing games in their native form (ish!) on their native hardware. I'm just getting started in the realm of hardware modifications (to keep the cost of software down - if you know what I mean, heh), but I hope to come up with some solutions along the way! Looking forward to tips and tricks from you guys, and of course the usual every day banter!
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    Hey there awesome people of NGR! I'm Titchlet, Titchy or just plain Clara and I'm from London, England. I've been gaming since I can remember and only recently seriously got into modding my stuff before that it was just a passing hobby. I can't wait to learn from y'all and hopefully help out in return and just get involved in general. Hope I don't drive anyone crazy here in my new home lol Thanks for having me
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    Heya welcome to NGR! I never understood the need to play native, but I can respect that! I'm always looking to get the best possible graphics and performance for a game I enjoy. This is especially true for the older games that can be enhanced by newer gen hardware. I just love to see a game get enhanced. Anyways nice to meet you and hope you stick around and enjoy NGR.
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    Welcome to NGR! I know a lot of tricks, but not the gaming kind.
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    Also, if you ever feel reluctant on coming back, we'll have Lord Val hunt you down.
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    Exploration.. at it's finest...
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    Hey folks, my apologies for not making an introduction, how rude of me, my name is LuzianoZOMBI3, or just Luziano, my real name is Luis, I am an average gamer and a doujin CD collector (only got some), I started playing video games since I was 3-4 years old during the N64 and PS1 days, and it was a fun and awesome experience,I also like doujin music and I am a Hentai/Eroge lover, call me a weeb and a pervert but it's true, I hope I can be friends with y'all and hopefully I can get to know you.
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