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  3. bolamalbada Delisoba Deluxe [NTSC-J TNW]

    thank you for the game
  4. chshawkn Princess Crown [NTSC-J]

    English translation available ?
  5. Jackhammer

    Wii U External HDD

    I was looking at taking a 120GB HDD out of a broken laptop, but I think it wont be enough space. I'm looking at converting a few Gamecube and Wii games so they appear on the main menu and can use the same HDD.
  6. i hope sometimes langrisser will come back to the new consoles
  7. FriedZombie Silent Hill 4 The Room [PAL]

    Memes aside, anyone interested in an NTSC-U copy of this?
  8. FriedZombie

    【Rule of Rose】【PAL-TNW】

    I have a physical NTSC-U copy of this game, would anyone still be interested in the upload?
  9. Abandoned Witch for NGR Atari - Jaguar (20160723) (No-Intro Romset)

    Thanks for this one, I was looking for a complete rom set that isn't ruined at all!
  10. MobCat

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    On the subject of chicken, chicken nuggets, gravy and cheese. Yeah it sounded better in my head but was still ok
  11. Yesterday
  12. ckv1212

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    Chicken Fillet burger Meal with a Tango Apple drink.
  13. Altefore

    Wii U External HDD

    if you use laptop 2.5 hdd style usb y cable should be fine if using 3 1/2 pc external i'd use sepearate psu
  14. fixagel

    Wii U External HDD

    Hello, I can tell you that if you use a USB stick it may get damage over time due to the constant reading, once while playing BOTW stop working because of that, after it cool down it work properly again but certainly woulnd't recommend it. As for the HDD I have only try with the Y-cable and so far has been working for almost two years. So I have no complains. For brands I usually go for seagate they have been prove to be realiable in my experience since most my western digital have die. But I dont know about other brands. Also I bought an 2.5" hdd and plug it into a case from aliexpress wich are cheap, if you get a 3.5" hdd you may need to buy one case with its own power supply cord. Cheers.
  15. Jackhammer

    Wii U External HDD

    I have a PAL CBHC Wii U. I have ripped a few of my games and installed to the NAND. I need an external HDD since the NAND is only 32GB. 1: Do I go for a portable HDD with a Y cable, or one with its own power supply? 2: Has anyone any suggestions on brands that are reliable? 3: Is it a waste of time using a USB stick instead of an HDD?
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