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  3. bolamalbada Delisoba Deluxe [NTSC-J TNW]

    thank you for the game
  4. Disc 1 [Hidden Content] Disc 2 [Hidden Content]
  5. Disc 1 - (Leon) [Hidden Content] Disc 2 - (Claire) [Hidden Content]
  6. chshawkn Princess Crown [NTSC-J]

    English translation available ?
  7. Jackhammer

    Wii U External HDD

    I was looking at taking a 120GB HDD out of a broken laptop, but I think it wont be enough space. I'm looking at converting a few Gamecube and Wii games so they appear on the main menu and can use the same HDD.
  8. i hope sometimes langrisser will come back to the new consoles
  9. FriedZombie Silent Hill 4 The Room [PAL]

    Memes aside, anyone interested in an NTSC-U copy of this?
  10. FriedZombie

    【Rule of Rose】【PAL-TNW】

    I have a physical NTSC-U copy of this game, would anyone still be interested in the upload?
  11. [Hidden Content]
  12. Abandoned Witch for NGR Atari - Jaguar (20160723) (No-Intro Romset)

    Thanks for this one, I was looking for a complete rom set that isn't ruined at all!
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