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  3. Icyhot

    master list PSP Megathread [21.07.2018]

    Does this require special access?
  4. Always wanted to try this thank you
  5. This is an amazing shooter!
  6. Thank you
  7. This is everything I hoped to see for an English patch of the game.
  8. Yesterday
  9. MartyLove

    mediafire Mr. Bean (Europe)

  10. Julio Souza

    yandex Brave Prove (English Patched)

  11. Julio Souza

    yandex Brave Prove (English Patched)

    Hello Gamerone, thanks for letting me know. Would you have version 1.1a released recently? is it possible to apply the current patch on the already applied rom? I await your response, Regards, Julio Souza.
  12. Request completed
  13. Genre: Action RPG Translator: Crazycatz00 Compressed Size: 2.95 GB Format: ISO Zipped in .7z file extract it with 7zip or Winrar Description & Translation Info Download Link
  14. duwen

    mega FX Unit Yuki - The Henshin Engine (USA)

    Thanks for sharing this! Tougher game than it looks. Love the soundtrack. I'm hoping that the DC (or Neo Geo CD) port of Xeno Crisis might show up here too when it's out. I didn't notice it looking bordered differently than most other games on my Jpn DC (also using Akura).
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