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You like programming ?, we do too. If you are fascinated by Programming Languages and the way a Computer works, this CLUB is for you :) PROTIP: Geeks and Nerds also welcomed.
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  2. I was goring to learn Driect3D as I got my xbox dev kit converted from NTSC-U to PAL but I already know C more or less, then 65c816 ASM peaked my interest as the games I was making where SNES styled so why not just make them for the SNES and iv never tried ASM in any form befour so yeah the problem is that all the good reference / tutorials is more or less 20 years old so it's a little hard to find anything on them on the modded internet and over 20 years is like the upper limit wayback machine so it's taking it's time to nut out but i worked out the ps vita sdk more or less on my own so why not old ass asm >__<
  3. I know C#/ASP.NET/JS etc., never really did anything in C or C++, but always wanted to as they were the linux languages of choice, never worked out with linux, so never really made much in them apart from small hello world apps. Want an entry into the hacking, modding scene as it feels like a good challenge, have done some reverse engineering in ollydbg recently using ASM, was not as hard as I had expected, managed to remove the time limit on WinRAR (old app) just as a beginner thing to do. Now do not know where to go, wanted to mod vita games, but thanks to the @Djdragon44 and another helpful member found out its nigh on impossible to modify the eboot file in nonpdrms, I am not much interested in just texture mods, as I am not that good with graphics, and do not want to use the inferior maidumps. Then I tried to learn libGXM, xerpi's sample seemed way too complex, libGXM is complex in itself, made a very simple sample myself (just like colour on a screen), it compiles against vitasdk, have not tried it yet on my vita, will do soon to see if it work, but then again will not know what to do from there. Would like to try and port something homebrew, but my lack of experience will probably frustrate me into giving up. I am quite capable once I have the knowledge, but need a tutor of sorts really.
  4. At the moment I want to get into reverse engineering, so I'm learning MASM. At the same time I want to build a portfolio to get a junior dev job somewhere so I'm also learning QT for C++. Fun.Fun.
  5. Python, PHP, or CSS? Python - Spotify Downloader/Ripper, PlexMediaServer/Apple TV Ripper, etc., which are both public projects, but playing with them in my own small ways, small tweaks, like I said, by no means crazy lol PHP/CSS for my job lol
  6. Using myself some good ol' PHP, CSS, and some Python for some small little projects, nothing crazy complex or anything
  7. I'm currently studying C# and Python C# currently learning at school and Python through self teaching
  8. Head First HTML and CSS, 2nd Edition Publisher: O'Reilly Media Date Released: August, 2012 Authors: Eric Freeman, Elisabeth Robson Download: MEGA Compressed Size: 76.5 MB Password: [email protected]
  9. Al is a great teacher! GRAB IT HERE: [Hidden Content] The Book is also free: [Hidden Content] His Patreon: [Hidden Content] Have FUN!
  10. here at work Im currently working with c# using visual studio and SQL I also have tried vba(macro), visual basic using visual studio, html, asp.net, ms access, ssrs I didn't have the chance to try javascript, maybe on my next work
  11. I highly recommend Javascript. No professional reason for that. I've mostly used C++ and C. But the main reason I learned them was for school purposes. I always wanted to get better at C++, but don't know where to start, or maybe I' just procrastinating without even knowing it. I've also tried Javascript, which is a lot easier. It seems where it shines is that it's a lot more friendly in terms of objects, which is something that I am still not very familiar with.
  12. I am currently learning HTML & CSS (yes I know I know, its not a programming language, its a markup language) I will learn Javascript later and some Python if needed Interested in your answers!

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