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Welcome to the Anime club on NGR~ Here where you can talk about anime and the latest anime coming out , theory's and tournament arc, its ahh Fucking tournament arc!!!!!
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  2. Just finished the forth seasons of both My Hero Academia, and Seven Deadly Sins. Academia was pretty good. The first arc was pretty well done, the second arc felt like a filler, but I have no gripes with it. Seven Deadly Sins was a mess. People are complaining about the drop in art and animation, but I don't mind that. What annoys me is that the entire pacing just feels off. Like they keep throwing new shit at us and trying to finish up everything as fast as they can.
  3. I enjoyed K-on for a bit, Genshiken is another favorite of mine and one that i don't really know if you could count as slice of life that i enjoyed was Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteru.
  4. Double posting but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @trolltyg good slice of life anime: The Helpful Fox Senko-san, Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon and I always recommend K-On!
  5. @RyouBakura you can download of 9anime ... just not all servers allow downloads.. RapidVideo dose but its sorta jank right now.. or it's jank cos i broke it with all the ad block scripts i run... Mp4upload dose let you download as well but only in what ever the source was uploaded as soo your going to be stuck with 720p or 1080p I remember 9amime being a little better then this but yeah looks like they are going down hill too But yeah ever since animeheaven shutdown over a year ago I haven't really streamed anime, I have just been torrenting off the normal ish places.. If you want you could try these sites but i haven't looked into any of them apart from 9anime soo i would use uBlock.. always But yeah once we get the google drive thing sorted you could stream off there but that's only going to be a option for VIP's or higher and someone would have to upload it first.... You could check the anime section in the VIP section and see if any of the mega stream links work for you as well... There is also DJ's plex server but again needs to be uploaded first and you may have the same issue I have where my internet is to shit to stream of plex
  6. I'm in the same boat. I remember 9anime being decent, but I want a site that let's me download episodes in addition to streaming them, and to have them at multiple resolutions. I prefer 720p, but due to constraints I go for 480p a lot of times. Yeah, I know what you mean. Ghibli does it well though. Personally, I find Japan to still be weak in 3D animation as a whole.
  7. Yea, i do watch some new anime, it's just that i'm really picky these days with what i like, last show i can remember that i really enjoyed was kono subarashii. About animation quality i think that the peak of anime was the 80s OVAs, real cell animation is hard to beat in my opinion but as you said, compare modern anime to the anime of the early 2000s the it's much much better today, just not a big fan of overusing cg in anime as it sticks out like a sore thumb most of the time but it's getting better and some fully 3d animated show look really good especially the short "Cassette Girl" and the trailer for the 3d animated Lupin the 3rd movie looks great, but 2d and 3d rarely mix well imho. I do tend to watch more and more slice of life shows when they pop up wich i did not watch at all back in the day as it was mostly sci-fi, supernatural och history based animes that caught my interest.
  8. Most anime go maybe 13 episodes, so it's easy to complete multiple anime in a few months. I'm still watching GeGeGe Kitaro though, one that does go on for quite a while. I'm on episode 64 now. Still loving it. Thanks to My Anime List app, I can easily keep track of anime that I drop and restart now.
  9. Never too old to get back into newer anime. Animation and art quality has improved immensely over the years. It's a perfect time to get restarted! @trolltyg Isekai Quartet anime was surprisingly funny, highly recommended if you watched Tanya the Evil, Overlord, Re;Zero, and Konosuba. The Helpful Fox Senko-san is a really cute one too, if you like slice of life. Just don't read the comments anywhere.. Also, anyone know of a new anime streaming source? Kissanime and Gogoanime has turned into crap lately with their forced ads and pop up blocker penalties..
  10. Damn i'm too old for this list. I did enjoy space dandy, great animation and an interesting concept with great characters. Naruto i did read the manga when it first was released in japan, was in highschool then and enjoyed it but never got into the anime. Heard lots of good thins about tokyo ghoul but could only get 3 episodes in before loosing interest, i guess i can't really handle those kind of shows anymore (naruto, hunterxhunter and the like), the other ones i have not seen at all.
  11. Damn, i have a hard time these days to watch such long-going shows, i have managed galaxy express 113 episodes and 5 seasons of ranma 1/2 at the most
  12. I have finally watched all 148 Hunter x Hunter episodes and now I have resumed Bleach, was stalled on episode 150 or so and now I'm on episode 271.
  13. Been catching up on anime i have downloaded but not watched so for the moment i am watching Izzetta the last witch. Five episodes in and it seems like a good anime, wont end up on any of my top lists but its well animated, has some interesting characters and i like the ww2 setting.
  14. There is so much to recommend in anime and i am mostly an old school anime watcher but i watch new stuff from time to time, these are some of my recommendations. Lupin the 3rd, anything with lupin the 3rd really. If you're more into new stuff then watch the 4th season, jigens gravestone or the mine fujiko no ona series, the movie castle of cagliostro is a classic must watch. Dagger of Kamui. Old ninja anime movie with awsome animation and a kick-ass soundtrack. Re: Cutie Honey, a shorter take on the cutie honey series with awesome animation by gainax, if you like it then take a look on the 90 series new cutie honey (don't even get close to the cutie honey universe series). Dirty Pair, watch the series, ovas or movies their all good sci-fi action comedy fun. Bubble Gum Crisis, cyberpunk action with great animation. Record of Lodoss war, for your fantasy fix, the series or the ova, both are good. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!, hilarious fantasy comedy about a boy that gets killed and end up in a fantasy rpg cliche world with the goddess that brought him there. FLCL, comedy gold. Gunbuster, gainax awesome animation in this mecha sci-fi ova. Just a few of my recomendations
  15. Up to episode 7 now, in my opinion this is a recommended anime to watch if you like fantasy/comedy combo. I love it. It's like a silly light hearted version of Overlord without the grimdark. So far, anyway...
  16. Lately i've been dragged into the isekai kind of gamus (all started with Overlord Light Novel) sooo this one has been on my radar for a while but due to time wanst able to watched, now I have too much free time so may as well give it a shot, kind of a turn down that it last 24 episodes... so lets hope for the best, keep you posted of how well did go.
  17. [Hidden Content] Saw the first ep last night. So far I'm not impressed. It could definitely go either way here. It was really boring though just explaining his new powers, but we'll see. Basically a well to do guy in his 30s is stabbed to death guarding his junior friend and (hey guess what) he got reincarnated as a "unique slime monster" with increasingly overpowered "skills" that a disembodied voice gives him before he dies. Then he befriends an powerful tsundere (male) storm dragon who just wants a friend. That's the entire first episode. My biggest complaint is that his voice went from masculine and cool to a high pitched chipmunk sounding voice as a slime. I think it was completely unnecessary and really hurt it.
  18. Completely agree. I really liked the Zanpakutō Rebellion arc a lot, and after that I got kinda bored with Bleach. After seeing how awesome their weapons were deep down, it was tough to watch the anime knowing their weapons were now (mostly) silenced forever. I liked a lot of them. The endless filler became draining. Now I hear all kinds of crazy twists about Uryu and I didn't even bother catching up.
  19. We here are very direct. If and only if it's a cartoon made in Japan, it's an anime.
  20. Nice list it's a pretty good start. Iv seen abort 6.5/10 of these .5 because 18if looks familiar but I remember nothing abort it. Never seen Naruto as it falls into the same category as hunter x hunter and gintama where it's hyped as f**k so everyone has already spoiled it for you and theirs like 200+ eps to watch and I don't have the time or attention span. Did watch 90% of bleach and it wasent worth it after the 1st arch. There's a seen in Boku dake ga Inai Machi where the main characters mom is giving that abused girl breakfast and shes having flashbacks of all the shit / non existent food her mom gives her and I find it oddly relatable and destroys me even thinking abort it. Space dandy falls into the same category as Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and RWBY where the really good anime but to me at least not really anime and i know the "what is anime" is kinda a loaded topic but yeah i like them and have them archived just not on the anime HDD
  21. Yeah I saw Kill La Kill and then Akame ga Kill and it felt like Kill La Kill was older and Akame ga Kill saw that formula and made there own thing out of it but now looking into it the animes aren't even separated by a year...
  22. I'm just gonna be the know-it-all asshole to say this: Akame ga Kill came first! (manga) Though Kill La Kill IS better.
  23. Ok so i know this thread has been dead for almost a year but yeah just going to mention the ones that people haven't mentioned yet and ear targ the rest for uploading later after i finish my psp roms K-On Black Lagoon Jormungand Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss) Kamisama no Memochou (Heaven's Memo Pad) Akame ga Kill! was alredy mentioned so why not what I would call the original of that KILL La KILL Log Horizon Lucky☆Star Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Drifters if your into Japanese history stuff Ok i'll stop now other wise ill be here all day
  24. I hope this means more Toki screen time too! I want to hear how much her singing has improved since then. If one cup of tea did a decent boost, I can't wait to hear how much years worth did for her voice. Source: [Hidden Content]
  25. Welp, somehow I ended up spending a lot less time on anime than I thought. The only anime I'm currently avidly watching is Boku no Hero Academia. Last anime I've finished was Doreiku. I used to read the manga 3 years ago, so my interest peeked when I found out about the anime. But I guess my tastes might have changed over the years, because I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. (It's not about BDSM, just to be clear) In short, it's about a device that when worn in the mouth, will either make you a master or a slave, depending on whether you win or lose the challenge. The story talks about of a handful of characters that have been succumbed to that device. The show was entertaining all in all, and the ending was satisfying to me, I'll give it that. It seems from the amount of comments I've read that people hate this only because of the NTR that happens in the first half of the show. Like what did they expect? It's a show about enslaving people.

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