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Welcome to the PCMR Club on NGR~ Here we can talk about the latest and greatest in the PCMR world. Hardware, Software, latest news and tips and tricks from all around the internet. As well as a place to share your Battlestations, give tips on Battlestations, as well as generalized PCMR help if needed.
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  2. Update: [Hidden Content] Update 2: Some people are saying this works and that it's an official fix (though I see a lot of people worrying). [Install] [Hidden Content] [Source] [Hidden Content] I tried it, and it worked perfectly.
  3. It's funny because I was just talking about this addon crap, today a huge meltdown on Reddit about how Mozilla just randomly decided to disable everyone's addons all at once with no warning, thanks to expired cert addon checker. [Hidden Content] Firefox gonna lose a lot of fans today and I guarantee your average user is gonna freak out and not ever find out what happened.
  4. I am posting this since @ElTacoDestroyer was inquring about an image viewer with a slideshow option, well here is the one I decided was really nice for more features and options. It's free too. It reminds me of the older Windows Photo Viewer but with some extra conveniences that other viewers (like Nexus) lack. [DOWNLOAD] Preview
  5. I do exactly the same thing i wouldn't mind it so much if it was updated but yeah it's a huge waste for only 5 or so consoles... Lol don't even get me started on those kinda patch notes. One of my pet peeves is dev that push a update and all they mark in the patch notes is "stability improvements" like come on you overhauled like half of the kernel and patched like half a dozen exploits wouldn't you want to tell people that...
  6. Yea uBlock Origin is great, and combined with Brave it's the ultimate Ad Killer! I even block elements on NGR (that giant MEGA THREAD banner on the top). After FirefoxQ 64+ you can see that Mozilla killed off features to make features, also killing extensions in the process. I freaked out when it auto updated and disabled 100% of my extensions. So glad I made a backup of my PC. They use the excuse of "vulnerabilities" when they don't provide any actual cases. I used Firefox 39 for years and had no reason to update until HTML5 got to be too much for it to handle. I used Internet Explorer 11 until I updated to Windows10, never had a single issue lol. Insecurities my claw.. These days I'm forced to use double browsers though because MEGA hates FirefoxQ's memory management.
  7. @MobCat Yeah it's confusing! Haha I had asked that same question to Chicken Strips when he told me about the program. If it's green, then it is disabled.
  8. @Yukiko lol I use the element picker to block things that don't get blocked and to remove some of those "turn of ad block bs" messages and for the rare sight where that doesn't work I'm like yeah nope ill just find this on another sight
  9. @MobCat Yup. There are some sites that block one of the two so there is always one working
  10. I use a mix of pale moon and chrome. swapped from firefox to pale moon after official firefox become poopie. I only use chrome for google stuff like gdrive and youtube and there are crap on firefox / anything that's not chrome and i use pale moon for everything else. Plugings Pale moon 28.4.1 (64-bit) - Advanced Night Mode 1.0.9 and uBlock Origin Chrome 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit) but it just updated it self when I went to look at the ver 😢 - uBlock Origin 1.18.16, Tampermonkey 4.8 (only really use it for that one "dead" rom sight we all know abort 😉) and Base64 Encode and Decode (for chickens uploads >__<') Dont really know much abort Firefox Quantum, might of heard something abort them messing with ads in some way but yeah never really looked into it. for me it's a pain the the butt to swap a Web Browser so i just don't. @Yukiko you use uBlock and ABP at the same time O.o?
  11. Hay stupid questing... red is off, green is on right? it's sorta hard to tell Soo if I set sharing handwriting data to green it turns it off or leave it as red cos the program turned it off when it first ran O.o?
  12. Microsoft’s Windows 10 May 2019 Update puts you back in control of updates and Separates Cortana from Windows Search! Microsoft is planning to start rolling out its Windows 10 May 2019 Update next week to testers before it’s more broadly available in late May. The new update is the next major version of Windows 10, codenamed “19H1,” and it’s a relatively light update in terms of features. Microsoft’s big visual change is a new light theme for Windows 10, alongside Kaomoji support, a Windows sandbox feature, and the separation of Cortana and Windows search. The May 2019 Update will also allow Windows 10 users to take control of how they get feature updates. Microsoft has been aggressively pushing these updates to machines once they’re ready, ensuring that consumers are on the very latest version of the operating system. That’s about to change: the May 2019 Update will now let you choose when to install the latest major version. Windows 10 users will be able to simply stay on an existing version and continue to receive monthly security updates, avoiding the latest feature update. Microsoft is letting Windows 10 users avoid feature updates and delay patches Microsoft is also allowing Windows 10 Home and Pro users to pause feature and monthly updates for up to 35 days, and it’s introducing intelligent active hours so the OS can detect when you’re still using your PC so updates don’t get installed and annoy you. Windows updates have been a particular pain point for Windows 10 users, and Microsoft is clearly listening and providing far more choice now. There will still be prompts to push people to get the latest feature update, but it won’t be forced immediately anymore. Microsoft is also addressing some of the quality issues of Windows 10 updates that we saw throughout 2018. The software maker was forced to delay its April 2018 Update due to Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) issues, and then it pulled its October 2018 Update after a few days of some users complaining that files were being deleted. Microsoft is taking a far more careful approach with the May 2019 Update this time around. The update will arrive to Release Preview testers next week, and there’s now a far larger gap between that final test phase before it rolls out more broadly later next month. That’s weeks of additional testing and checks, instead of the days we saw with the last release. Microsoft is also tweaking the way it sorts through the thousands of pieces of feedback it receives each day about Windows updates to spot issues like the data loss problems from the October 2018 Update. On top of all of this, Microsoft is even launching a new dashboard later this month to track the health of Windows releases, so if you experience any issues, you’ll be able to check to see these against real-time known problems. It’s encouraging to see Microsoft making these changes and the increased transparency around the status of Windows updates, in general. While the issues we saw in 2018 weren’t widespread, Microsoft is carefully working to avoid that from happening again. Source: [Hidden Content]
  13. I'm using version now, but the newer ones are just AWFUL, they murdered all my plugins and extensions. I had to restore my entire PC to get it back because it literally forced me to update and refused to let me install an older version! Firefox no longer gives any control. The update nags are relentless and constantly monitoring, it's as bad as M$ updates. Firefox is getting really crappy now, in my opinion. Brave Browser (made by the OG Firefox Dev!) is my new favorite choice. I only use Firefox when I need to use plugins that haven't been made for Chrome/Brave yet.
  14. This app is incredibly useful for killing Cortana. it doesn't stop Windows Updates on Home edition though, I needed to disable the Medic Service in the registry to stop them. I'll update as I please, M$.
  15. Idk about everyone else, but I can't stand having a million bars and menus all over my image views. Thanks to Nexus Image Viewer, I can view the image only, all by itself! It's now my default image viewer. I Love how I can just click the image to move it around too, not having to worry about grabbing the title bar. Best of all, it's FREE! [Download] [Source] There is a few extra useful functions like deleting on the fly or having a sidebar to see other images in the folder as well.
  16. Oha this looking good Makes it way easier to turn it down if you maybe get a really high noise.
  17. Still messing with Windows 10 tweaking and discovered this : [Hidden Content] Very useful for managing sound volumes from your devices all at once, instead of flipping through menus to find what you need.
  18. If I ever am forced to upgrade to Windows 10, I need to keep this in mind!
  19. I use this on most of my windows installations. It really does help a lot in terms of improving in-game performance and helps to get rid of f*cking Cortana running in the background even when disabled! [Hidden Content]
  20. omg this is amazing I had no idea lmao Thanks for this~~
  21. So today I finally decide to learn how to clean up those annoying right click context menus on files in Windows 7. I discovered these very handy little apps while doing so! ☆_☆ [Hidden Content] - Shell Ex View [Hidden Content] - Shell Menu View Now I no longer have annoying useless words all over when I right click stuff, yay~ ------- I also, for some reason, dealt with annoying Winrar cluttered context menu options for as long as I can remember. I can't believe how easy it was to fix..maybe I'm not the only one who overlooked this for so long? [Hidden Content] Why would I want to COMPRESS+EMAIL by default! Begone useless options! Yay~
  22. Chrome. Switched to it back than when Firefox started to become shitty and slow (yeah that was a thing once) Since than i never switched of have gotten always more then enough ram to not deal with any of those problems that craptop users had My Add-Ons i can't live with are uBlock Origin,Adblock Plus, RES(Reddit Enhancment Suite), FrankerFaceZ,Tampermonkey EDIT: Tried the new Firefox but it just won't connect to net it seems. Did a clean install no settings playing or so weird
  23. Used Firefox forever. I have no idea what Quantum is but I'll give it a whirl. If it's not compatible with plugins I'll wait. I find myself juggling browsers sometimes because some sites hate certain browsers. I use Firefox 99% of the time though.
  24. Hey~! Looks like FireFox Project Quantum has finally been released for the public release, and it's pretty awesome! (See here for more info) So, what browsers do you guys use? Add-Ons, Extensions, Browsing Techniques or things you can share with the rest of the world? What are your thoughts on Quantum and the direction FireFox is moving? Let me know!
  25. I also use Avast Free ( for many, many years) I love the way it will pop up saying threat detected and will abort the page for loading... pretty awesome for a free product imo Also use Malwarebytes with Cameleon and RKILL Used the mosted updated version of CCleaner (removed older versions due to vunerability issues) Also primary browser is Firefox (custom mode private) with ABP

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