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  2. Persona 5 Battle Royal. A unknown palace appears out of nowhere, that girl is the owner. To get her treasure they must achieve the epic victory royale, by Dancing all night the default dance.
  3. Okay I don't think anyone guessed it would be Royal haha. Though with all the Fortnite Battle Royale stuff maybe I should of saw it coming.. Anyways, I guess it's just a new added character like P4 Golden. Not interested enough to replay entire game yet. Hopefully more than just an extra character.
  4. if by some crazy chance we got a racing game its gonna need eurobeat. lotsa eurobeat. imagine joker x takumi in the 86. hahaha
  5. tbh i wouldnt mind a Persona 5 racing game, as long as it's good.
  6. Gonna take a lot of spice to try to get anyone to rebuy a 100+ hour game though, wonder what they have planned...Just thinking about redoing the Egyptian temple or the Ship make me wanna run as far as possible from replaying P5. Yes it was a great game and I loved it dearly, but replaying it is not looking likely for me. Only addition I could think of that would make people wanna play (slog) through that giant campaign is, in my opinion, a female main character.
  7. I doubt its a Switch port mostly due to the PS logo at the beginning. Since im taking a guess I say its an improve versión of the game just like Golden was.
  8. Welp what could it just be? I think it will be Persona 5 Racing Joke aside maybe a Switch port? R could stand for Red as it was a big theme in the game. Persona 4 got a port to the Vita with Persona 4 G(olden) so there is that. Or maybe some DLC? Time will tell more! Translation: (thanks to random guy at Youtube)
  9. Yeah you really can't beat the Evoker, it was such a shocker and never seemed normal. P3 with more varied dungeons would be amazing.
  10. Yeah the story was definitely all over the place and became predictable. My biggest gripe still remains that Haru was neglected and added purely as an supposedly "relatable Western character". As always the Persona games suffer greatly from having too big of a cast. Only the first 4 characters got any serious development, and the rest were very forgettable. Still P5 remains my favorite all around. I rarely get hooked on games these days, but it had that jrpg "magic" that I haven't felt in years.
  11. The gameplay in P5 was excellent, but for a game that emphasizes story so much, they didn't do enough to create consistency in the translation. They used eight editors and that just meant nobody knew the whole material. This made for a lot of cringe moments. For example, artist modeling isn't sexual, and Ann would know that... but she might be upset at being put in a situation her friends clearly think IS sexual, since she's been through so much on that front. She's supposed to be Scandinavian, which typically is culturally less uptight about nudity anyhow, and she's a model, but even she's acting like going to pose for an artist is a sex thing. I've been drawing live models since I was in kindergarten (artist household) so I know how that situation would have played out, and it would have been stronger (and funnier) if Ann had just shrugged and gone "sure, let me strip off and let's get going", and Yosuke goes "there's a dressing gown in the change room, I'll be setting up" and the guys are the ones that are upset because they're out of their element. If you're going to have a game with this much text, you should have more respect for it. Especially a game where they'd obviously put so much love and care into every other part! The movement in the game was so fluid, and it had tremendous style. It easily could have been a masterpiece and it's disappointing that they didn't make that happen.
  12. I enjoyed P4 Dance a lot and have played a bit of P5 Dance (while being limited by not knowing Japanese) so it being in English will definitely be an improvement, heh. Also I'm always happy to see the P3 gang shoot themselves in the head, so even though the Evoker isn't literally present, it's there in spirit.
  13. P3P FMC is my favorite, and the Evoker is my favorite Persona power method - those kids shooting themselves in the head over and over never gets old. I'd love a remaster that merged all the visuals from P3:FES with the upgrades in P3P and FMC. I was so happy to see her in Persona Q2!
  14. The fact its adorable characters from a great franchise as chibis is another selling point. Personally I'm stoked.
  15. I mean if this isn't a reason to buy it even more i don't what is.
  16. Any moment where Yukiko cooks in Persona 4 is hilarious. The first time I saw the school outing and her attempt and making curry I was in tears from laughing so hard. As for moments with Goosebumps I have to go with the reveal of Adachi being the killer. I never played the original for ps2 and golden was my first outing and that scene had me at the edgeof my seat.
  17. Im stoked for it. P5 is a great inclusion and adding p3 as well for a separate title really fills it out. Plus jamming out with Yusuke will be hilarious cause I bet his flamboyance will be akin to his dancing style. If he uses a moonwalk or a crotch grab like Mj I will probably fall off my bed laughing to death XD.
  18. Ravenstorm you make a lot of good points. Maybe my build wasnt good enough i was around lv. 70 when i beat the final boss. My personas were varied and i used Ryuji and Yosuke despite them being glass cannons do to them having masochistic attacks. For the game itself imo i give it a 9.5 a great game overall. It was asthethically pleasing the characters were great and the story felt solid despite a few complaints I had. The ending being my biggest gripe. Then again im a sucker for a happy ending which in gaming seems to be less and less lately. Well the ones I play that is. Then again everyones interpretation of an ending being happy or otherwise will always be different. Anyways back on topic, The combat was a call back to older personas and the inclusion of the nuclear element really shook up the status quo. This game is on my top 10 for a reason. It felt like a all in all fulfilling experience, because despite it being a unrealisitic situation you could really embrace and suspend your disbelief. Everyone felt so relatable. It isnt the best Persona i have ever played but its up there. P4 will always hold the crown there for me. But thats a story for another time.
  19. Surprisingly the final boss didn't seem hard for me, and I'm notorious for quitting games at final bosses because I never grind. After Nocturne though, I tend to play VERY defensively, relying on de/buffs and status effects, cures, etc. so my damage usually is terrible but I can survive a lot. Persona 5's physical skill sets are mostly a joke, it's all about magic attacks.Hopefully they remove the HP loss mechanic because it's really stupid in my opinion. There is literally no downsides to nukes since the game gives reliable SP regen as long as you build a relationship with the doc lady (and who wouldn't?). Consistently throughout the game I was using nukes only. Ryuji and Yosuke were so unreliable since they kill themselves while attack. I just covered ice/lighting weaknesses (before I discovered how broken despair was lol) and really had no use for them. Without a doubt though I think despair is the most overpowered debuff ever made in any game. Also, what were they thinking when they combined doom+paralysis+mana sap all in one debuff?! Once I got White Rider and fused him with Lamia, the game was literally a cake walk since Despair NEVER misses with despair boost+ailment boost. I didn't even plan it, the game threw it in my face. But that's okay, SMT/Persona taught me to fight dirty because I know their monsters sure will! I suppose I could of made the game harder by purposely not using the skills available to me, but I think in some way I enjoyed getting back at the Personas for giving me a hard time in Persona 3 haha.. I did enjoy P5 immensely however, much more than 4 but not as much as 3 (Aigis's character development was just so good!).
  20. I agree and disagree on it being too easy. I agree that it wasnt the typical persona difficulty. However the true ending final boss made the difficulty spike through the roof.
  21. I have seen it. Yeah it is a bit rushed but when you're working on a set amount of episodes it makes sense. The game itself took me 160 hours to beat and thats because i was grinding. So even without extras its still 60 hours. So to condense all that would be difficult. Besides like two times they added parts it wasnt bad so far.
  22. So far i've only seen episode 1 but it felt kinda rushed. Idk if i would have been so on focus if i wouldn't have played the game But the animation part is top notch just like the game
  23. This is what I've been waiting for, I'm excited to see the other major scenes from the game animated
  24. Anyone start watching it yet? [Hidden Content] Episode 1 (courtesy of 9anime, imo the best anime streaming site there is) Looks pretty awesome so far, very VERY close to the video game. It's really nice to see it so beautifully animated.

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