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A Japanese interest club is for people wanting to learn or teach about Japanese language and culture. This club will grow based on feedback and participation, the sun is the limit!
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  2. Ummm soo i re-upload these for another project and now i'm getting copyright blocked -__-' please let me know if the videos don't work anymore Edit: Yep the experiment is over guys, sorry I can't post it for you guys if YouTube auto copy right cock block bot auto kills things ... This green claim is fine just means i don't make any ad money... which is fine i didn't get any to start with But red block is well over and done, no more video for anyone, that's all folks...
  3. NHK News 7 - 2019年08月12日 Video was still processing at the time of post... YouTube was just being slow today...
  4. NHK News 7 - 2019年8月11日 Yay my tv recorder is fixed now so ima try to upload these again but yeah no guarantees. I have a lot of other things going on and it's not as automatic as I would like...
  5. いや、ご心配なく。お元気でね~ オススメありがとう!今はチェックしている。 突っ込む所が多い...。でも当たり前な感じをしている。 この質問は難しすぎる!当然いるだけど…たくさんいるから、それを書いたら長いリストになる。でもたびたびに思い出すキャラはダンガンロンパの七海千秋。あの子は可愛かった。
  6. ごめん 返事遅くなっちまって 昨日風邪引いたから ゆっくりしていってね 小説は確かにレベルが高い 僕も時々あんなものが読みにくいよ まずは一般的な記事とか新聞とか読んでみたらいいと思う はちま起稿、オタコム、ロケットニュースなどはお勧め! まるで小学校だった 生徒が騒いでることが多かったし、教師もネタが多くて面白かった 大半の生徒はまだ日本語の初心者なんだから、子共扱いされた 皆はもう20代なのに あのゲームに泣かない人はやっぱりキチガイよね ゲームは暫くやっていない 前月やったのは安っぽいヌキゲ お気に入りゲームキャラはいるの?
  7. 最近、進みの速さは段々下がっている。会話に強くなる方法は探している。読書だけで、進歩を感じている。でも、三ヶ月ほど前、「吾輩は猫である」という小説は読みみましたけど、全くなにもわからなかった。笑 超面白い!どんな空気がある、あの塾? あ、「CLANNAD」をやっている。二つのエンディングができてきた。風子のエンディングに思わず泣いた。君は?やっているゲームがある?
  8. 他の人来ないね 一応、会話を作るため、2人だけで話し合おう 偉いねぇ 夏休みに勉強し続けるなんて 順調にやってる? 昨日、一日中に知り合いの日本語塾を見学した 家に到着した途端にもう力尽いた 日本語でゲームをやったことある? どんなゲーム?
  9. Among all the other things that are down right now, my server that records tv This one is out of my hands though. For now all I can do is just wait for other people to fix there stuff soo idk when I can start posting this again sorry
  10. まあ、普通の夏の日だった。日本語の勉強をしたり、少し翻訳したり、ゲームしたりしました。 I like your idea, I almost never practice writing. 誰かが、自分の経験を是非教えてください。
  11. So that you have a place to practice. 易しい話題から始めましょう 昨日、家で何をやったの?
  12. It all sounded like a long string of tongue twister to me.
  13. NHK News 7 - 2019/07/04 This one was a tad bit rushed today so let me know if there are any issues youtube may also need some extra time to process the video to 720p...
  14. I do belive is a great resource to improve a language you are learning but it would be mostly usefull for those that are aiming japanese atm, still I do thank you for the upload, will check from time to time to see if I can pick new words and understand the context with those few I already know.
  15. Japanese NHK News 7 Recordings The idea: So on a local tv channel here they spend like 5 hours in the morning broadcasting news from around the world. at 11 am is the Japanese news 7 channel. I record it so i can watch it later but though why the heck not try and upload this for everyone else. As this has no subtitles or localizations of any kind it can be sorta hard to follow along but it is a grate way to learn abort the day to day lifes of Japanese people and a way to pick up on more common japanese. (As a side note idk if this should be in General Discussion or Educational Videos) The Reason for the experimental status: So this is recorded at around 11am then takes around 30mins to a hour to process to something I can edit then around 30 mins to edit the over runs and stuff that's not Japanese news and 15 mins to encode and like 20mins to upload to youtube and after all of that idk if youtube is going to have a problem with it soo the videos are going unlisted for now and let me know if that is going to be a issue. But yeah TL;DR it takes a long ass time to do and idk if it's going to help anyone soo any feedback would be awesome NHK News 7 - 2019/07/03
  16. I had learned them all but the last 5 dakuten. Never moved on to katakana though. It's boring learning a language alone..I can never stick to it. >)<
  17. So I was going through some old stuff on my phone and found this chart I made ages ago. At that point I was trying to learn voiced hiragana couldn't find a chart that had all of dekuten on it soo yeah I made one... thought I should upload it cos I can.. might be helpful to someone out there
  18. Curious how advanced people are in their Japanese studies. Starting with something simple. Please answer the poll ♪
  19. Yeah kimochii is a feeling of physical pleasure, like it "feels good". Soaking in a hot tub after a hard day's work, getting a foot massage, scratching a bad itch etc. I've heard any gender say a lot though. The opposite of kimochii would be "itai" meaning, OUCH, pain!, it hurts!, etc. Tanoshii is like you have having fun and excited, an enjoyable experience.
  20. Maybe in some cases, but mostly no. Kimochi literally just means "emotion" or "feeling", like how you might hear "kimochi warui" (feeling sick/bad/disgusted) a lot in shows, which literally means "bad feeling". However, you might here it with a stretch on the last i, usually said by females. This one isn't the same word, since a the end there is the "ii" which means good. This word means feeling good, or to describe oneself feeling good. Therefore, if you were to type this word in Romaji it'd be Kimochiii, hence the stretch.
  21. TANOSHII When a person is having fun or is about to have fun or enjoying themselves, I often hear them exclaiming "TANOSHII!". It's important to sound out both of those I's! So now you know how to understand the meaning of HAVING FUN / ENJOYMENT in Japanese! Tanoshii~ Tanoshii~ (Of course there is various ways to say it in speech, but this is just a basic discussion. Feel free to get more detailed!)
  22. Those are some great resources. Yotsubato seems to always be the top recommended manga for learners. Anki is great, but I still prefer Memrise because of the interface and easy access to other people's courses. Also an advice: If you ever get discouraged, or feel like you're not making any progress, try to remember at what level you were about half a year ago. As in how was your reading speed and comprehension were. I feel like this mentality helped me a lot in picturing how much I've advanced, and served as means to stay motivated.
  23. I have learned kana and some kanji some time ago, but then life got into way and I had to stop my language pursuits. I have started learning again a couple months ago when I got Minna no Nihongo as a gift. I have been using that and Tae kim's guide for learning grammar, anki decks for vocab and kanji. I am currently trying to play metroid zero mission and reading yotsubato in japanese and it is going slow... but it is going, so I am excited!
  24. This is my favorite site to test my kana knowledge : [Hidden Content] I mainly used the Drag N Drop ones for hiragana (haven't touched much katakana YET). It doesn't have han/dakuten, but it's a great start if you learn quickly by drag and drop. I memorize things very fast this way. I made my own game similar to this because it inspired me so much. Sample pic of what I'm talking about: There's also other useful learning material on this site like flash cards and stroke order help if you are looking to write (but seriously, who even writes that much anymore?).

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